Friday, February 23, 2007

The Facility assault

Six, Ki-Rin, Ash, Glyph,

1st September 2070

Tooled up, the runners sped out of San Francisco following the tracking signal they had placed on Simon Crusher, the man they had been tasked to kill by a dragon.

The tracking signal stopped moving not far from the shore of Pyramid Lake, which itself was situated not far from a town called Nixon. The runners headed there as quickly as possible although they were about four hours behind the helicopter they were following.

They blazed through the streets of Nixon and linked up with the main trunk road, headed north toward the facility when they very quickly came upon stationary traffic, and before they could swing the cars round they had traffic backing up behind them.

The runners checked traffic and news reports and discovered that there was a civil disturbance up ahead. Some kind of demonstration about corporate illegal activities seems to have been sparked after a vigilante group attacked a vehicle, which they claimed had been responsible for a spate of disappearances. The people who were attacked had been picked up by Lone Star and brought to the hospital where the demo was now going on and the media had whipped up the crowd who now blocked the roads.

There was nothing to do but sit tight. Ki-Rin used the time to gather some matrix info on the location of their mark, and discovered that there was a whole facility built up on the lake shore. Gaining satellite photos of the area they could see that there were a couple of aircraft hangars and half a dozen other buildings surrounded by a pair of high voltage fences. No corporate owners, no information at all. Whatever Simon Crusher was doing up there was being kept off the radar. With the civil disturbance keeping the runners pinned in one spot for a while Six did some flyspy reconnaissance and tracked down the injured men in the hospital. They were guarded by Lone Star who didn’t have any idea as to their identification. Six and the team surmised that these men might be part of a snatch squad to supply people for the CORe and Legion projects that they knew to be going on at the facility.

The traffic started to be backed up by Lone Star officers who coordinated removing vehicles from the rear of the line and after about a two hour delay the runners were on the move again. It was dusk by the time they parked up at a leisure walk car park, and they spent a moment donning armour and stowing armaments the team set off on a 3 mile hike to the site.

They chose to come in from the east and apart from a moment when a small squad of soldiers walked past where they hid they were not spotted. They looked down on a heavily guarded base and the runners had to formulate a plan to get in. Six sent his Flyspy drone down to have a quick look round. The base had everything medical facility, barracks, offices, hangars complete with two helicopters and a STOL fighter jet. The Flyspy couldn’t see everything, and didn’t pick up their quarry, Simon Crusher so Ki-Rin and Glyph headed down to isolate the electric fence and snip themselves a way in.

Twenty minutes later after some tense moments with the guards Ki-Rin and Glyph returned to where Ash and Six sat with a small gap in the fence and a base full of guards unaware of their presence. The team moved silently to the edge of the fence, and in teams of two they slipped past the patrols. They were inside the base and the silently stole from shadow to shadow eventually meeting up in hangar two.

They rigged up an explosive charge to the helicopters in case they were spotted and then they could use the detonation as a distraction and then they split up. Six and Ki-Rin kept an eye across the base while Ash and Glyph snuck round the rear of the hangar to access a small building that had aroused their suspicions. There were two guards. Ash and Glyph had sound suppressed weapons, aimed and fired. They also had explosive rounds, and the quiet muzzle was betrayed by the loud impact. Ash and Glyph quickly tried to hide the bodies before the another patrol found them out, but it was too late, the whole base went onto high alert and bullets started to fly.

Six and Ki-Rin made their way to the next hangar, and with half a mind on stealing the helicopters they sabotaged the fighter which could, if able to get airborne, shoot them down. Ki-Rin and Six then worked their way to Simon Crushers helicopter to see about rendering that incapable of flight as well, bullets continued to fly and Six found himself dancing across the helipads and was forced to dive for cover into another building. Ki-Rin on the other hand was trained for this kind of arena, and was taking out guards from all angles with short controlled bursts, all the while dodging incoming fire.

Glyph and Ash were likewise watching each others backs, Glyph dual gunning foes both left and right, Ash’s assault rifle picking off surviving stragglers. Inside the building that had caught their attentions in the first place they found a ramp that led underground, and from deep in the bowels of wherever this ramp led, there was a deep resonating sound.

Glyph knew that they would need to help the others above ground before heading down so rigged up a grenade booby trap before heading out to finishing off the guards who remained in the base.

Ki-Rin was running low on ammo, and had to switch to single shot mode. Six had cleared out the building that he had dashed into and was now making his way around the outside to where he suspected there was a remaining guard.

Tony Mulholland had watched as a team of 4 men burst into the camp that he was employed to guard and saw as they had slain every friend he had on the base, he was scared, but his training in the computer program kicked in. He scrambled onto the roof of the building and silently drew his combat knife from his boot. He watched as one of the punks crept round the edge of the building, looking for him, looking for Tony Mulholland. Tony leapt from the roof of the building with a scream of rage and set about this man with his knife. Stab at the neck, thrust for the gut, slash at the face, Tony heard gunshots, but Tony was invincible.

Six fended off the frenzied attack, but the knife wielding guard was too close and every time he tried to fire a shot the gun was batted away and the shots went wide, every time Six landed a punch the guard just kept coming Six thought his number was up.

Ki-Rin was making his way through the building and saw through infrared the fight outside. He aimed carefully, and shot through the wall, the first shot took out the assailant’s throat.

The guard staggered, blood pumping from his neck, Six took the moment to finish the guard with one last gunshot.

Ash and Glyph made their way round the camp, and it seemed every guard was dead. The runners were pretty shot up, and running low on ammo, but they hadn’t found Simon Crusher, and they hadn’t found the cloning facility that they suspected was here. They knew that they had to go down the ramp that lead underground.

To be finished next week.


Ki-rin said...

In 2057 a crack commando unit were sent by a Dragon to bash bad guys for crimes they did not commit.

These men promptly arrived, kicked ass and killed every last Mutha F@#ker.

Wanted today by lone star they survive as runners of fortune.

If you have a problem, and no-one else can help and you can find them. Maybe you can hire the K-team.

Da dah daaaaH
Dada daaah...

Glyph said...

K-Team is it....sucky name and it is 2070 duh!

Glyph said...

But nice one all the same ;oP

Ki-rin said...

Well you don't have to be in it...
Go and start the G team and see who joins, miserable cow :-P

Thorn said...

G team? sounds like a cheap porno.

Ki-Rin said...

Exactly, and the K-team rhymed at least.

So, more bullets Mr GM please, APDS preferably unless i can get rifle grade HEAP???

Thorn said...

No. You may not have hesh. But you can have APDS. the way we will do it is that you can keep whatever the guards don't shoot into you ;)

Ki-Rin said...

Bring it, you'll have to give 'em all rocket launcers in hat case.

I asked for HEAP, HESH was C's thing. K's more surgical than loud.

Thorn said...

Oh yeah. I wonder how that changed from reading HEAP to writing HESH. Well either way, may not have either.

Rocket Launchers. Oh they already have rocket launchers. If you lay your stinking theiving mits on any of those helicopters, the whole mountain side will be full of rocket launchers ;)

ki-rin said...

S'ok, 6 can fly, i can shoot, they can die! Simple...