Thursday, March 29, 2007

The (un)-sinking of the Nova

Six, Glyph, Ash.

The runners had returned from a successful run in the Nevada toxic zone. They had to spend some time to disinfecting themselves and their kit but the Naga bite that Ash had suffered became infected, for two days he suffered a raging fever which filled his nights with nightmares. By Monday though he had snapped out of it and was better than ever.

Monday 16th October 2070

Snow contacts the team and tells them that he has a Mr. Johnson from Mitsuhama who wishes for a team of shadowrunners to field test a new bit of kit that his company are looking to bring to market in the first quarter of ’71. The runners agreed to meet up but Six was concerned that they had messed with Mitsuhama a run or two ago and chose to go in a nanopaste disguise.

The Johnson was not only from Mitsuhama, but was also the executive that had been on the receiving end of the cat prank but he didn’t seem to make the connection to the runners in front of him.

The device was called Shugotenshi, or as it was to be marketed in the west as the Guardian Angel. It is a medkit device which hooked up to the bio-monitors and when the users life was threatened it would automatically fire life saving nanites into the blood stream. Mr. Johnson openly admitted that the final prototype device that they would be testing for about a month would have monitoring systems for Mitsuhama to assay the systems workings but assured the runners that they knew their client base and wouldn’t do anything to compromise their anonymity. The pay was 10k up front, and a further 10k if the device was used successfully or not, there was a payout to next of kin should the worst happen also. Six called a private meeting and argued that it wasn’t for him and warned the others that this was bad. Glyph and Ash however were not swayed by his decision and opted to take and use the device.

Tuesday 17th October 2070

Daisy had arranged a meeting and Ash had met up with a construction company to quote him for the building of his house in the desert, and after a good meeting where Ash aired his needs for the site, he was approached from yonder, by a distinct and unpleasant troll. There was an air of disease and corruption about him. The troll didn't introduce himself but he knew Ash's name and also knew that Ash’s brother was missing. The troll then professed that Blake was going to be killed but would be prepared to tell Ash where he was, for a favour. There was a ship called the Nova bound for San Francisco and the troll wanted it sunk before it arrived. With that the troll departed, walking back off into the desert.

Ash’s mind raced, and the first thing he did was get Daisy onto the matrix to find out about the Nova. The info she came back with wasn’t good. The Nova was a bulk goods ship which was escorted by a mercenary frigate, Greenpeace were haranguing the ship because of it’s cargo. Cyanogen Chloride V, a lethal toxin destined for the UCAS Naval port in San Francisco.

Ash wasn’t going to be fragged with by some ugly pig faced troll and drove across the desert towards the retreating form. Ash demanded that he give him some proof that he knew about Blake’s whereabouts. The troll was dismissive, if Ash didn’t believe him it was his problem. Ash’s temper flared and drew a gun on the shaman.

The fight was short. The shaman had a bound toxic sludge spirit that tossed the pickup truck Ash was in as though it was a toy. Ash woke in the desert sun a few hours later, covered in a foul smelling substance, the van a battered mess. Ash tried to find this toxic shaman again but couldn’t.

He sought the help of his friends, Six and Glyph. They debated long and hard about the pro’s and the con’s of doing the work of this toxic, they contemplated how they would go about the mission and the consequences that their actions would have on the environment as well as the corporations that it would affect. They knew that it would be folly to even attempt this mission and vowed to try and find this troll and get the answers they need from him by other means. Ash sometimes wished that he didn’t have family that he had to look after.


Ash said...

Im would get a job in the local stuffashack and give up shaddowrunning, but the bastards would prob hold blake to ransom for quater pounders!

The funkin nerve, that ass, the smelly sh*t faced tit who hasd no di*k, Im going to rip his head off and piss down his neck, threaten my brov try and mannipulate me into doing his dirty work!

I am going to destroy Cross and every thing he stands for, and anyone who works along side him better prey that i never find them, This is going to be my life mission, That ass is going to pay, and pay big....Did you here me Cross, your going to pay Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Mood= pissed off!

Thorn said...

Cross applied technologies are reeling from the deaths of the executives, their financial crash, all manner of attacks by you guys and are presently off licking their wounds and yet they still get blamed for last night.

ash said...

Cross are always to be blaimed, coz there twats

Six said...

Ash is right. I hope Allisom has had to lower himself to using that freaky Troll Toxic Shaman as a host :)

Thorn said...

Alisom has a host at the moment, but isn't very keen on showing it to you in case you shoot it again.

The toxic troll shaman is a law unto himself.

Ki-rin said...

Mmmmm... Mitsuhama med-kits, sounds creepy...

Six said...

You have to admire Allisom's sense of self preservation.

He's absolutely right - if we see his host, we will shoot it!

Alisom said...

And you don't know how annoying I find that! Just you wait though. I will get you.

Ki-rin said...

And a new body!! Plenty of bullets in my Rifle you spooky Body snatcher!!