Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The Debrief

“So, talk me through what happened.” The man asking the question was human, tall and well built with a clean shaven head. His white shirt was unbuttoned at the top and bore a dragon motif on the left breast.

The man he addressed wore a dark blue swat style uniform, though there was no identifying mark other than the yellow sergeant stripes on his shoulder. He let his salute fall sharply to his side before he began. “Sir, after allowing Kirby to return to his apartment we set up drone only close obs. We hoped he would reveal the location of the missing medcase. After an hour or so some wannabe shadowrunner team turned up. Finding him couldn’t have been too hard, Kirby wasn’t that discrete about his presence in town”

The bald man nodded “Choosing him was a mistake. Okay, go on.”

“This runner team had a half baked stakeout before they proceeded to shoot up the neighbourhood. They took out Kirby’s sentries with some stun rounds but I think there must have been some confusion in their team regarding the level of force as some were using lethal ammunition.”

“Were your team observed?” the bald man asked.

“I don’t think so, not at that moment. After a shootout that lasted about ten minutes these runners managed to take Kirby alive and retreat back to their safehouse”

The bald man scratched absently at the back of his neck and found his own RFID tag embedded under his skin.

The sergeant continued the debrief “we activated the tracker tag after we had lost visual on Kirby. It was a risk but this runner team didn’t look too switched on, and we tracked them to a safe house only a couple of blocks away.”

The bald man grinned “It seems they made it easy for you. Any metahumans?” he asked.
“Sadly no sir. These wannabes were a disgrace to the true race.”

“Shame.” He gestured for the debrief to continue.

“We followed them to their hide and started with a personnel lead surveillance as the drone was stranded a couple of blocks away. This seemed to spook them and within a short time they made attempts to move Kirby. At some point in this move Kirby tried to break away from them and we were forced to go live to eliminate him.”

The bald man scrutinised the face of his soldier before nodding his approval.

“Rounds were exchanged between the running team, one of my men is in critical condition at Southpoint.”

“My personal physician will be made available to him if it will help” the bald man said.

“Thank you sir. I will inform Southpoint of your offer.

“At some point during this exchange the running team were able to snatch Kirby and evacuated from the scene.”

“He escaped?” The bald man arched his eyebrow.

“Not exactly sir, it seems the running team bungled the job and killed him at some point during the escape.”

“Interesting” Steepling his fingers the bald man let a grin roll across his mouth. “The case?” he asked.

“Sadly sir this has not turned up during our investigation. Though we continue to follow lines of enquiry”

“Thank you sergeant. You are dismissed.”

The sergeant snapped a salute out before sharply marching out of the office. The bald man waited for a few moments after the door clicked closed before making a comlink call to a very dear friend.


Feliny said...

How very sad but true, amateurs huh?...

Bullet said...

It was an accident......

Feliny said...

Yes i can understand how shooting someone with "live" ammo instead of stun rounds, would accidentally kill him :(

Sinister said...

You must love being our GM Owain. Yet again, second campaign in a row, no one takes the skills or kit to sweep for RFID tags, despite how often we fell foul of the little buggers last campaign...

As for Live-Fire Nigel, we should have realised the clue was in the character name.