Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Players Contacts

in no particular I would like to introduce the characters contacts. These NPC’s will guide the players through the tumultuous times in San Francisco.


Six’s father loves messing with mechanical things. He has his own garage where he is more than happy to tinker with anything that friends brings to him, as long as the costs are covered, his time is free.

The black sheep of the family, Nunzio has a degree of influence in the local mafia operations. He looks out for his family, but having been disowned when he made his choices he doesn’t keep close contact.

Six’s rock through his troubled times. She hangs with a slightly different crowd of Street Racers and she keeps an ear out for any information that can get her boyfriend his car back.


Heckley runs the Oakhouse, a small nightclub based in the Richmond district of San Francisco. The Oakhouse has become the place to be on an evening out in San Fran, with many famous live bands have performed within her diminutive lounge.

A sergeant in the Military Police, he spends most of his time thinking up the next scheme to make a quick buck. His present operation is bootleg tobacco and whisky.

Dock operations manager. Nothing gets by this man without his say so, no ship docks, no cargo is unloaded without his say so. Rumour has it that he can be persuaded to turn a blind eye. Have you seen his new house in Diamond Heights?

Dealer to the Masses, Quin is the man who can find the substance you need. Well connected within the Mafia he is able to source the most hardcore BTL’s or the most headbanging narcotics, and he supplies some people you wouldn’t expect.

The story of Zack is a sorry one. A navy seal with a promising career was made the scapegoat for an incident, which remains classified. He turned Mercenary, and was hung out to dry on his first operation. He was arrested for crimes he did not commit and did hard time. A bitter man, he now helps anyone with enough money.

Ash’s Sister, Daisy is the brains of the bunch. Graduated from tech-college she is a computer hacker par excellence. She finds the work and puts Ash on the case.


Alexsy Gubarev
The fixer from Irkutsk. Said to be Ex KGB, said to have San Francisco lone star in his pocket, said to never sleep. Whatever the truth about this man, one thing is true; he has access to, or knows people who have access to anything, from anywhere. For a price of course.

Sgt. Karl Luther
Karl Luther is a Lieutenant in the EDF (Euro Defence Force), with a stern haircut and a powerful barking voice, you would be hard pressed to believe that he is kind, friendly and a secretly rebellious man who likes to fuck the system every now and then.

Owner of Desmond’s Store. The store and adjoining coffee shop is where many a conversation takes place, and no one ever notices the shopkeeper. Desmond is a good source for local information and he quietly boasts about his high tech surveillance suite he has hooked up to his premises.


Kurokawa Masato
Masato-san, Ono’s tutor, moved to San Francisco a few years before his student followed him. He trains selected students privately in the martial arts, and has trailed and inspired some very interesting people in his new country.


Corporal Alfredo Mancini
A slightly over zealous half Italian man with a penchant for heavy weapons, also a capable commando. He is still in the Marines, and is very good friends with Jonny.

Private First-Class Michael Thorpe
A clever but combat shy New Englander. As Comms operator he is an expert in most things electrical. His flair for organization has had him posted at the Supply Wing based out of Nevada. Every now and then he gets the train to San Fran with Henry Fillacetti to hook up with Jonny for a game of cards.

Private First-Class Henry Fillacetti “Flash”
A happy go lucky young marine, with a can-do attitude. He has a slightly worrying fondness for explosives, though this has only been to his advantage so far. Keep him away from the C12 though!

Private First-Class Harrison McKensie
A talented pilot, not so confident on the ground, but if it flies then Harrison can pilot it. He now runs a private cargo and civilian short flights company out of Sacramento.


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