Thursday, March 02, 2006

Run 1. The golden revolvers.

Ash. Six. Ono.

The runners were gathered by Hugh Washington. The Albino man who goes by the street name of Snow is new to San Francisco and is keen to establish a shadowrunner presence.

Snow found out through his contacts that the police Captain, Duncan Croner, was the victim of a burglary, and is keen to recover a couple of items which had sentimental value to him. Namely a photo album, and a pair of antique 1800’s revolvers, both of which were in the safe, which had been stolen.

To win a favour or two from the lone star captain, Snow put together a small running team who, if lucky, would be able to track down these items before Lone Star do.
Ash, the man with a network of local contacts.
A wheels man by the name of Six.
And the muscle in case things get ugly, Ono.
A good compact team of runners who should be able to cope with this little run.

They did a bit of legwork, and in a short space of time discovered that the perps were probably Hispanic. And that the van used for the robbery was hired from SF Truck Rentals, by a girl with memorable breasts called Tiki Gomez.

Contacts were put into action to identify them and eventually an address for Tiki Gomez appeared. She wasn’t home when the runners went asking, but a friend of her boyfriend was. He didn’t take to kindly to being asked questions about the robbery, and tried to chase off Ono and Ash with a gun. He ended in the bathroom with a badly wounded arm answering Ash’s questions.

Meanwhile Six sat with the vehicles keeping an eye on one of the street gangs. He called one over and asked him what he knew about Tiki, and her man.

Between them the runner found out that the man who masterminded the robbery was called Jesus Raul, and that he was headed off to commit another crime, this time a robbery of a jewellery store. Using the stolen duelling revolvers.

(Raul fancied changing his crime name to something like Golden Guns and had delusions of having a crime wave named after him and these antique pistols, which were going to be his trademark.)

There are a lot of jewellery stores in San Francisco, but one of the commercial areas in the city stuck in the mind where 6 likely shops were in close proximity.

Arriving the runners split up and Ash was the first to spot a shop which was closed. Upon closer inspection he saw a woman bound in the store.
The runners moved in, Ono went to the front of the store and started rattling the doors which alerted the 3 robbers inside. Ash and Six went round the back and broke in through the rear door.

The sounds of gunshots rang out, and Ono was felled under a hail of shotgun and SMG fire, Six and Ash fought their way from the rear of the building and found Ono unconscious next to Six’s helpfully placed Medibot.
Getting away from the scene as Lone Star closed in with Ono and Raul unconscious in the back of the van. They needed medical help and fast. Ringing around they were given the address of an elderly street doc who introduced himself simply as Doc. He took payments from Snow to attend the poorly forms of the two men, and asked Ash and Six to come back in the morning.

The following morning Ono was up on his feet. The runners took Jesus from the doc’s place and stuck a gun in his face. Still suffering from his injuries, Jesus told the team about that he didn’t know about the photo album but guessed that if it was in the safe, then it would still be in the lockup where he blew the safe open. He directed the runners there, and sure enough the photo album was present.

The runners left Jesus injured but alive, and headed to Snow’s apartment.

Snow was really pleased to receive the items and paid the runners in full. And has marked their cards for further work.

Captain, Duncan Croner was also really pleased to receive his antique revolvers and his photo album, and he let Snow know that he owed a favour or two.


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