Thursday, April 06, 2006

Run 6. Blackmail Bloomfield pt. 1.

Six, Ash, Ono.

The runners settled into a bit of downtime. Ash looked into purchasing some land not far from San Francisco but the cost was prohibitive for the moment. Ono began learning a new martial art form, which combines adept powers with martial skill, Sune-ku Jitsu. Six trawled the small adds for second hand cars, eventually he bought a smashed up performance car, and sourced an awesome V8 which had been restored by a skilled mechanic, Six began to repair the car and marry up the whopping motor.

Thursday 23rd March 2070.

Daisy, Ash’s sister and decker contact feeds the team a lead when she finds a shadowrun job posted on the matrix. The abrupt businessman, Mr. Mason calls Ash and arranges to meet the whole team at Carries Diner.

Mr. Mason informs the runners that he owns a construction company and he wants to win a lucrative contract from the Tomorrow Today project, which is ploughing money into redeveloping the San Francisco area through grants and taxes. Although he might win the contact on merit, he is keen to get some blackmail-able dirt on Danny Bloomfield, the governor who will choose the contractors, to ensure he gets the work.

The run was straightforward; get something on Bloomfield before noon 25th March to earn 15k. Mr. Mason was not a man to mince his words, and he made it quite clear that he wouldn’t be paying for half arsed, grainy paparazzi shots of Bloomfield with his wife.

Bloomfield wasn’t elected for a second term as city governor for being stupid, and the runners found nothing regarding his financial records, his family (close or extended), his habits untoward, and they didn’t cover any ground investigative reporters hadn’t.

Daisy turned up a meeting in Bloomfield’s diary with a Mr. Caznotti for this evening, and Six suspected it was his own brother, Nunzio, who had connections to a different family, the Mafia. The runners set about tailing Bloomfield armed with a high power still/trid camera, and late in the evening they followed him to the East Side Marina, where luxury yachts and Gin Palaces are moored.

Six’s brother, Nunzio, a Mafia man, met Bloomfield on the quayside. He escorted the governor to the Victor Emanuell II, a vessel owned by Caesar holdings. The runners closed in on the boat to get their evidence of wrong doings when the boat pulled out of the mooring and headed out to deep ocean.

Ash and Ono stole a small dinghy and took up the pursuit, Six who was already on the road headed to North Beach, where Ash had a more powerful speedboat.
Unable to keep up with the yacht Ash and Ono were please to see Six powering out to meet them, one they transferred to Ash’s boat they took up the pursuit and within 20 minutes they got a visual on the boat, circling in international waters.

Ono snapped up the binoculars and saw two men at the back of the boat staring back at them through binoculars. They realised they may have been spotted, and fearing that they would be shot if they got too close, and fearing that they would die of hypothermia if they swam out, they withdrew to capture some images of the party once they returned.

They took Ash’s boat back to its moorings and returned to East Side Marina. All of them failed to notice the quiet mafia limo, which remained in the corner of the car park and they set up to watch the comings and goings.

The boat came back and Nunzio showed Bloomfield back to the limo. The luxury car then departed. Nunzio returned to the Victor Emanuell II and headed below deck to talk to his cohorts. Keen to get some more evidence the runners tried to get onboard but fear of being spotted by mafia goons kept all but Ash at bay. Ash swam close and climbed up a fender rope, he listened for a short while as the men talked about women and sport, after about 20 minutes of gasbagging, Nunzio took a phone call and they moved out again, powering up the Yacht engines.

Ash dropped back into the sea and swam/waded to shore to steal the only other dinghy on the spit of beach. Six gunned his engine and began to speed back towards Ash’s boat on North Beach, unaware that Nunzio was about to turn south.

To be continued…

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