Thursday, April 13, 2006

Run 7 blackmail bloomfield pt. 2

Six, Ki-Rin, Drifter, Ono, Ash.

Friday 24th March 2070 01:20am

Nunzio’s yacht turned south into the crook of San Francisco and the pilot powered up the Victor Emanuell II towards the executive housing along the shoreline. Ash and Ono took up a sedate pursuit in another stolen dingy and Six blasted back north toward Ash’s boat again.

Ki-Rin received a phone call from Mancini, his army buddy. Mancini had received a call from someone calling himself the Merchant who was offering a job lot on some military hardware, Mancini couldn’t get the 200k needed so was trying to put together a syndicate to buy the merchandise and then sell it on. Ki-Rin was interested but had to go and find the money.

Six got Ash’s speedboat and sped to meet the others who were floating about half a click away watching the goings on with the mafia boat. The Victor Emanuell II had docked at a private pontoon. Nunzio and his men ran up the stairs to the house and disappeared from sight.

With the yacht abandoned, the runners moved in, taking a wide berth they pulled up alongside and Ono slipped aboard. Going below decks he found a briefcase and a safe. He ripped the safe from its flush fitting cupboard when Snow conference called the runners.

Snow had a problem. The Yakuza were on his back as Snow had arranged to source a shipment of arms for the Yaks and this arsenal didn’t turn up. The Yakuza were getting edgy and Snow had to get his best runners looking for the missing cache. He told them that he had been in Seattle and had sourced some reliable runners, Hazard and Swordfish, to run the guns across the boarder only they hadn’t turned up.

Six, Ash and Ono were in the middle of another run, and to highlight the point, the sound of gunshots rang out. Ki-Rin and Drifter started work on Snow’s problem.

A body tumbled into the sea from the house above. Rafael Pizzolo a Mafia patriarch was dead and Nunzio was making power moves. The runners had to split, and to ensure that they weren’t followed by the motor yacht they began to slowly tow it out to sea while Ono hauled the heavy safe out of the mafia boat.

Escaping they cut the yacht free and Ono did a bit of waterskiing, and the runners recovered to the docks to check out the booty that they had taken from the mafia. The safe contained a bit of cash, and the briefcase contained the evidence that Nunzio had set up a front company called Delta construction, and for some reason Delta were tendering for the same work as Mr. Mason’s company.

The runners got the evidence that they required and handed it over to Mr. Mason. He was pleased and paid up.

The runners then had to help out their fixer Snow.

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