Thursday, August 03, 2006

Not how they had planned it.

Tuesday June 20th 2070

Six, Ash, Ki-Rin, Glyph.

The runners waited for the Mr. Johnson to give them the call regarding how they should proceed after they discovered that Dr. Manton Ford was heavily involved with the plot.

At approximately 07:00 in the morning the runners received the call. Mr. Johnson saw that there was still 400k available from the bonus, which was to be paid out when the runners stopped these deaths. The bonus money was still to be used for bringing the deaths to a halt but now Mr. Johnson wanted the runners to locate the factory that was producing the Chloro-Manganeze 5/1 which was being used to poison the metahumans in the Castro sector. And he wanted Dr. Manton Ford killed, only Fords death had to look like an accident as the doctor has influential friends who could start asking awkward questions. Two tasks. 200k a piece.

The runners accepted the deal.

Six kept track of the Notable Anarchists, Book, and the other one with his drone attached to the wing of their Porsche.
Ki-Rin began to investigate the canisters which they found the chemicals in across the internet, trying to find out who purchased these and where.
Ash began bidding on an internet auction for a strip of worthless desert. And all of them banded around ideas for how to bump off Dr. Manton Ford. Ideas ranged from dropping a trideo into his bath, to electrocuting him and raising his house to the ground.

Ki-Rin got a bit of a lead on the matrix regarding the canisters and Ash and Six headed over to the corporate building to have a look. After an initial nose around the corporate headquarters of Caradock they found that the “financial“ company seemed nothing more than a money laundering front. The runners assumed that this was the financial centre for the Notable Anarchists but this was based on guesswork.
Ki-Rin hacked their computer mainframe and diced with black IC before getting anywhere with their records. Ki-Rin traced the payments for the canisters to a corporation called Volcano Inc. that was based in Las Vegas. Volcano Inc. had 3 business concerns. Dragons Breath, a nightclub. Pussycat Lounge, a strip club. And Tiberius, nothing was known about this company.

The runners decided to head out to Las Vegas. Book and the other man were headed in that direction, and it was as good a lead as they thought they would get.
Meanwhile Ash continued to bid on this strip of land, and in a last ditch effort to not loose a chance for the land he overextended himself by about 100k working on the basis that he would get paid soon.
He needed to find ¥105,000 to pay for the ¥210,000. He turned to his friend Six for a loan, and Six coughed up almost all of the cash there and then.

The runners thundered down the blacktop pushing 210. They flashed past a black and white too fast to slow down, and they kept their toe in working on the basis that they would out run the Lone Star officer, and in short shrift, they did.

About 20 minutes later the runners came up close to the Notable Anarchists Porsche, and backed off to keep pace with them. Inevitably the tenacious Lone Star Officer appeared on the horizon. Six stopped and laid out a stolen Lone Star stinger, and then blazed away. The pursuit officer redoubled his efforts as he caught sight of his quarry, and tore out his tyres across the stinger. Six watched in the mirror then returned to grab back his stinger device. The patrol car was on its roof, and the officer was out cold, Six and Ash dragged him free of the wreckage and administered first aid. Ash then stole his gun and cuffs. The gun, the Colt Manhunter LS special. Ash checked it over then slung it in Six’s glove box. Six got a bit nervous about this and told Ash to keep that weapon out of the car.

They caught up with Glyph and Ki-Rin. And promptly followed the Notable Anarchists into the Las Vegas strip. Glyph tailed them into a restaurant and plaid the watching game. Ki-Rin sat in Glyphs car out the front as FRT and watched women’s nude volleyball championships. Six and Ash went to check out the Volcano Club.

40 miles away Docwagon were attending a Lone Star officer unconscious in the desert. One of the Lone Star officers attending the incident noticed that his colleagues weapon was missing and alerted LS control who activated the stealth tag and began to sweep the local area for its signal with a pair of satellites.

Six parked up in the Volcano Inc. car park and the pair of them headed over the bridge to the front doors, they were both security checked, but the pair of them had left all of the weapons in Six’s car.
They went inside and had a good scope of the place for well over half an hour, they eventually decided to split up, Ash was to watch the inside while Six headed out to his car. As Six walked across the bridge to the car park he saw a motorcycle cop stood near his car taking down details. Six slipped a snap baton into his hand and headed over.

As Six got close the officer confirmed that this vehicle was Six’s and then began to try and arrest the rigger for having a suspected stolen Lone Star weapon. Six’s minds eye cast back to the moment before the pair of them were about to go into the club when Ash popped the glove box open and tossed in all of his weapons.

Six realised he was in a fix and hit the officer with the baton. A fight ensued but Six was beginning to loose to the Lone Star champion boxer 2068 and 2069 and called Ash for help. Ash ran out of the club and sprinted across the bridge to the car park as he saw Six get punched out cold smacking one of his teeth out in a bloody shower. Two patrol cars were speeding their way to the “officer requires backup” shout. Ash ran and dived onto the motorcycle cop sending him sprawling to the ground, Ash then drew his only other weapon, a knife, and began to stab the officer.

Clutching the knife Ash looked down on the barely breathing, bloodied body of the police officer, 6 knife wounds about his torso. Looking up the patrol cars were nearing, he tried to drag Six into the car but was not quick or strong enough, and before he could escape he was surrounded, guns pointed at him by angry officers. Ash called Ki-Rin and left him the cryptic message. We are off to the police station.

Ash and Six were arrested. Six was carted off to the infirmary first.

Ki-Rin tried to track them down, but all he managed to discover was that they had been arrested. Ki-Rin and Glyph also so Six’s car being towed away, and after following it to a compound in a commercial district in the desert returned to Las Vegas Lone Star Station to try and work out what to do next.

Tuesday 20th June 16:25

To Be Continued….


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You get yourselves into some messes without me...

can't get back to help you guys i'm afraid...

KI-Rin said...

Yes, cos we've seen your kind of help before.

"Help i've been captured by bad guys and shot in the guts. Can't wait..."

Don't worry though, Glyph's on it, and she's a specialist...