Friday, August 11, 2006

The Prison Break

Six, Ash, Glyph, Ki-Rin

20 June 2070. 18:00

Six and Ash were in Police station 4. They had been tagged and had received their rap sheets. Ash, resigned to the fact that he had attempted to murder the cop signed away his right to a trial. Six read the small print and refused to sign. With their phone calls Snow was involved, and Snow looked a little deeper into their situation before giving Ki-Rin and Glyph a brief of what was going on.

Mr. Johnson called Ki-Rin. He told him that he was pulling the job from under them. With two runners in jail Mr. Johnson and the organisation he represents were no longer satisfied that they were able to perform the tasks satisfactorily. Ki-Rin offered a strong argument but the decision had already been made. If the runners completed the job there may have been payment but there was no way to be sure.

Ki-Rin and Glyph checked out the compound where Six’s car was being held and decided to take the chance and try to bust it out. After all, the compound would be the first place the cops would come if a rigger had broken out of jail.
The pair of them flashed back to San Francisco to tool up and they got back at about 3 in the morning.

The compound was lightly guarded and while Glyph snipped though the chain link fence, Ki-Rin double tapped one of the guards with Stick-n-Shock™ rounds. And they snuck in. The other two guards were quickly dispatched with a couple of Flashbangs and they had access to the car compound.
They found the signal jammer that was cutting out wireless signal, (last thing you want is riggers collecting their cars unauthorised) and they identified that the car computer was missing. Glyph salvaged a spare one from one of the guard’s cars and they took Six’s wheels.

They then formulated a plan to bust the other two runners out. Intercept the prison van blow the locks off and get out of dodge fast.

At 09:00 Six and Ash, bundled into the back of the police van made their way to the courthouse. Ki-Rin followed in a stolen car, Glyph was positioned along the road waiting to intercept.

Ki-Rin overtook the van then as he got in front he jammed onto the brakes. The truck slammed into the back of the car and came to a halt. Ash was thrown from his seat and was knocked unconscious. Glyph quickly blew the doors on the van with a tamped explosive charge and dispatched the guard while Ki-Rin kept the motorbike outrider and the van driver busy with his battle rifle and underslung shotgun.

They fled the scene and headed quickly to Six’s car. They set about trying to remove the restraining tags fitted to Six and Ash’s left legs. The anti tamper tazer shocked Ash back into unconsciousness. A police helicopter fell into pursuit overhead, they needed to get the tracker off Six and then shake the chopper. Shooting the tracker off Six’s leg knocked him out also. Glyph took the wheel of the car and drove the unconscious pair out of Vegas with the Lone Star Chopper in pursuit.

Ki-Rin made his way to Six’s car, and once the coast was clear took the wheel, and the scenic route back to San Francisco.

Glyph has a more troubled time, The chopper was just about keeping pace with her, and had a visual, there were cop cars en route to intercept her, and Six and Ash were still unconscious.

She took the decision to head for the Tir Tangire, the helicopter wouldn’t follow her and she could then work out what to do next. Sure enough the helicopter backed off as she entered the no mans land which marked the end of UCAS territory and the start of the Tir.

Her engine died… She sat for a time worrying what to do before getting out and trying to push the car. She was issued with a warning and a member of the Tir border guard appeared. She explained herself, and once they discovered that she was on the run from the cops they decided it was better to leave her to her fate and told her to leave Tir property or die.

Glyph drove back toward the border and could see the helicopter and several cop cars loitering. She dropped the hammer and took a cut across the desert before bumping back onto the road. A chase back to San Fran again.

Six came round at some point on the mad drive back, once he discovered the situation he ran a ECM program that he bought up for one of his drones a while back.
As soon as electronic lock was broken, Glyph speared into the Golden Gate forest and disappeared.

They went to ground. Six arranged with Snow to get Duncan Croner, the police captain to clear his files. Croner agreed that he could do it, but first Six had to do something for him.

In the meantime, Ash was approached by a bloke called Grifter. Apparently he had this run that was guaranteed to pay out ¥250,000. He was prepared to sell to Ash this run for ¥25,000. Ash didn’t have the cash, so Grifter took all that he could get before driving away. This run that Ash bought was to liberate a statue from the San Francisco State Museum and sell it onto a German Businessman.

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