Friday, November 24, 2006

Rescue Daisy

Drifter, Glyph, Ash, Six.

Wednesday 19th July 2070

The runners headed back to San Francisco in a private hired plane for one night only to track down Ash’s sister Daisy. Glyph had tagged along too.

Landing in a fogged out San Fran the runners met up with Drifter who had been phoned ahead to see if he could help them out. He was at a loose end and was more than happy to join the hunt for Daisy.

The runners went straight round to Daisy’s house and found that there had been some kind of explosion in the front room. They also found someone mooching around upstairs. Ash snuck up and took him down with a well aimed stick shock round.
The man was a dwarf, and when they looked in his wallet they discovered that his name was Glyn Boucher and he was an occult investigator with some kind of Lone Star badge. He also had a strange pin badge with a half moon with an eye in the centre, and a 5 pointed star above. While they waited for him to come round they had a hunt around the house for other clues. All they found was Daisy’s comlink, and a phone number hastily scrawled on the bathroom wall in red lipstick.

Ash waited for the occult investigator to come round and when he did began to question him. It turns out he was investigating an illegal magical disturbance which originated from the toxic spirit of man which took Daisy and Ash. They had a long chat which helped Ash understand what was going on a bit better, and in the end Glyn Boucher was let go.

The runners got video feed of the spirit of man which had manifested and forced Daisy and Blake out of the house. They then decided to try and track the spirits astral signature by employing a freelance magician called Star.

They then decided to call the number that Daisy had scrawled on the bathroom wall and found that it was an automated help line for a Stealth RFID tag activation service. They spent a good amount of time trying to figure what the password is to activate the tag before Ash found that Daisy had changed his phone number in her pan to a 5 character pin number. They keyed in the number and a stealth tag was activated which was in a corporate HQ for Genesis.

The runners headed round to their apartments to grab some gear. Each of them found that their apartments had been turned over, valuables smashed or stolen, small grenade booby traps had been left for each of them. Ash was the only one to get caught out. The others were aware of the risks after Ash’s apartment. They salvaged what they could, and Ash presented Six with a belated birthday present which had sat in San Fran awaiting their return for nearly 2 weeks. They took what they could and pressed on with tracking down Daisy.

On route to genesis the runners were contacted by Star who confirmed that he had followed the astral signatures of Daisy, Blake and the Spirit of man to the Genesis corporation but was being stopped from going in by some kind of mage barrier. The runners thanked him and told him that they needed no more help at the moment.

Arriving at the scene the runners found a new corporation taking over an existing building. The Genesis sign was brand new, and there were few people inside, a few security guards at most.
They thought that it would be the best time to strike now, even though the sun was coming up and Drifter drove his Ford Americar through the Plas-Glass doors into the lobby. Guards scrambled to get out of the way of the vehicle and the showering glass.

The runners decamped and dealt with the security in short order. They then headed up the stairs at speed to get to Daisy. Each floor was deserted, save for new computer terminals left to be set up on new desks still wrapped in polythene.

They were attacked at about the 5th floor by the Spirit of Man which fought them before at April Walkers Talismonger shop. The runners again beat back the spirit and pressed on up to the top floor. They found Daisy bound to some kind of sacrificial device, her head wrenched back, a mercury-esq liquid dripping to her forehead. Looking closer they could make out the near invisible shimmering form of a woman, her hand outstretched over Daisy’s head pouring the metallic liquid onto Ash’s sister.

The runners swung into action, but Ash was taking no prisoners, and blasted the woman with his pump shotgun. She dropped to the floor lifeless. It was Solace.

Daisy was okay, and the runners made their way out, but they weren’t sure that they had worked out what was going on and decided to stay and find out some more. They made their way down to the basement levels, and they found a lab that was in the process of being set up. It seems that Genesis was being re-born from Cross Applied. Their hardware was still packaged in the bowels of Genesis corporation.
They decided to kick Cross Applied again, and rigged up plastic explosive in the lab area, and attached the rest to supporting beams.

Driving away they detonated the charges, and were pleased to see the internal structure of the Genesis HQ slump inward as the buildings backbone was broken. The runners blazed.

Drifter told the runners that he would stay in San Francisco to keep an eye on the Triad activities, he hadn’t been bothered by them so far and was sure he could keep out of their books. Six and Ash headed back to the airfield with Daisy and flew back to Atlanta.

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