Thursday, November 09, 2006

The stolen guns sell out.

Tuesday 18th July 2070 pm

Six, Hilt, Ash.

Six Ash and Ki-Rin finished up their talk with April Walker and began the drive back to Birmingham Alabama. They quizzed Jay some more on what she knew of shedim, and their brush with Alisom. She didn’t know much but she did tell them that their aura’s had been scarred and torn by their brush with the shedim and their astral presence was lit up like a beacon. If the shedim returned it would be able to find the runners very quickly. She told them that they would need to find out the spirits true name, and banish it for good if they were to be rid of it forever.

The runners fell asleep as Jay cast the spell to conceal the meeting location once again.

Waking in a bar at about 21:00 somewhere near where their cars had been left the runners tried to work out what to do next. There was still no answer from Daisy back in San Fran, so Six contacted Nunzio to see if he could see where she might have gone. Nunzio called back to say that Daisy’s flat was empty, but there was sign of some kind of explosion. Ash was keen to get back to San Fran that minute, but Six held him off warning that there was still danger for them in their home city. Six arranged for Nunzio to get his mafia goons out looking for Ash’s sister.

Carlo called. He had found a buyer for the stolen guns, and he made arrangements for a meet at 1am in an abandoned industrial estate.

Six told Ash that once they had off loaded the guns, they would hire a private plane, fly back to Frisco, and see if they could track Daisy down, ignoring Nunzio’s best efforts to keep them out of the city. Ash agreed, and they drove straight back to the safe house where Glyph and Sickle were watching the truck of guns.

Collecting the truck Six and Ash went to the meet. It was dark but in the headlights they saw Carlo’s car. He got out, and was backed up by another who was introduced to the runners as Hilt. He had been working with Carlo for a few months. They stood and talked for a bit, Carlo helped himself to one of the MP5’s, before the buyer turned up. A car, followed by two transits.

The Cowboy stepped out of the car. He smiled at Carlo and greeted him before telling the runners that they had stolen his guns and he was going to take them back. He wasn’t in the mood for Six’s bargaining and the fact that he held a gold Revolver in his direction showed his intent.

Six instinctively dove for cover as the Cowboy loosed off a shot. Ash fired at the cowboy, Carlo shot at Ash, Hilt stood there for a moment not sure who was on who’s side, before 4 goons stepped out of the transits firing a hailstorm of bullets in his and Ash’s direction. Ash was dropped after the first volley of fire but Six was able to fend off Carlo with his own pistol, while he brought the Car with mounted FN-HAR into play.
Bullets flew, and the Cowboy attempted to flee in his car while his goons plugged the runners but Six was wise to it, and carefully aimed shots at one of the transit van fuel tanks blew the van and the Cowboys car to pieces, the remaining goons perished in the fireball.

Hilt, Six and Ash patched each other up and made more formal introductions. They had no idea Carlo was about to set them up, and Hilt had no loyalties to him other than financial so they were cool.

Six phoned Nunzio and told him that they had been played by the Cowboy and Carlo, and that they were sitting on a truck load of stolen guns. Nunzio arranged for some more reliable contacts to collect the guns from them, and Nunzio paid Six himself.

Wednesday 19th July 2070 03:00

The run seemed to be off, the Johnson (The Cowboy) was dead, so Six and Ash vowed to head back to San Fran and track down Daisy. Hilt, a San Franciscan himself agreed to tag along. They headed to the private airstrip and picked up the plane that they had chartered.

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