Monday, December 18, 2006

August 2070 NPC update

Kier – Vory dealer in San Francisco.

Yutaka Seto – Yakuza Oyabans son who has Six's old car.

Bum Fluff – Young Street racer.

Grifter – Con-man. Preys on wannabe shadowrunners with deals that seem just a little too good to be true.

Han Tze – Lone Star undercover cop who has infiltrated the Seven Star triad gang.

Ka-Hil – An Ork recruiter for the secretive magical group that approached Ash.

Halifax – Physical adept and mentor to Ash.

Smith – Fixer the runners met in Atlanta.

Fu Hong – Ex-Seven Star lieutenant. He was captured by the shadowrunners as part of the Lone Star arrest for cash program. After being released he was incensed to discover that Kung Lok had given the runners clemency. After declaring a blood feud against the runners he was disowned by the Seven Stars.

Kung Lok – Seven Star Triad gang leader. Impressed by the way that the runners had out smarted his Lieutenants, has called off the vendetta against them and has offered some work for the future.

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