Monday, December 11, 2006

Mitsuhama assault

Sunday 12th August 2070

Ash, Glyph, Six.

Nunzio contacted six. He had been working hard behind the scenes with the Triads to bring an end to this feud that they had with his little brother. Nunzio put a call through from the Triad gang leader, Kung Lok.

Kung Lok told Six that he was not happy with the disrespect the runners had show to the Seven Star Triad family, but that he understood why they had taken the Lone Star bounties. He offered Six a deal. 30k payment as a show of deference and Kung Lok would end the attacks on the runners. Six accepted, and the triad leader also hinted that their effectiveness didn’t go unnoticed and that work may come their way in the future.

Meanwhile Smith contacted Ash again, the fixer he had made contact with a week or so ago. Smith told him that there was the prospect of a job available and if the runners were interested to meet at the McMurray Grand hotel.

They were, although they had the chance to head back home, they fancied one last job in Atlanta. It may open up possibilities to make a few more contacts outside San Fran and may provide a familiar bolthole to retreat to in the future.

The runners met the fixer at the hotel and he took them through to the bar to explain the deal. Rather than get his fingers burned with runners he doesn’t know, he offered to pass the runners to the Johnson directly. That way his rep wouldn’t suffer so badly if things went wrong for the team. He asked that he took a 10% cut of their final pay. A finder’s fee for linking the runners up with the job. They accepted and they headed to a hotel suite where the Mr. Johnson waited.

The job was simple, a simple search and retrieval of a doctor who failed to turn up for work, he job was coming from Future Concepts a corporation who poached the best scientists, innovated the next big thing, and then sold the ideas back to the bigger corporations. They had been approached by a Dr. Lawrence Calahan who wanted to move from Mitsuhama and they gave him a contract. Only, a week after he was due to start work, he never showed. They accepted the job, but Glyph quibbled on the pricing structure between the Johnson, the Fixer, and the three of them. Wanting to make friends and influence people in Atlanta, Six took Glyph to one side, and Ash closed the deal with no more arguments.

Settling down in the bar area with all of the information to hand, the runners planned their moves. Six called Mitsuhama to see if Dr. Calahan was still working for them. After getting passed through the switchboard system he eventually spoke with the man they were after. Six briefly mentioned the job at Future Concepts Calahan dismissed it and said that he no longer wanted to work for FC.

Ash contacted the Johnson again, who was only mildly surprised that he was still working at Mitushama, as far as he was concerned the job was still on, and the runners agreed. Glyph again quibbled that the remit had changed and they should try to squeeze more money out of the Johnson. Six and Ash ignored her.

The runners pulled down some information about the Mitsuhama complex, and found that it was a sprawling self contained corporate enclave with housing and working requirements fulfilled in the 1 mile x half a mile extraterritorial portion of the CAS. Surveillance was in order, but first the runners wanted to get together some equipment and visit his old flat.

His old flat was empty. Cleared out of all personal effects. The runners hunted around and found little. A few scraps of paper with some phone numbers jotted down. Six called one of the phone numbers and seemed to turn up a colleague of his. But otherwise they found nothing.

The runners then headed to the Mitsuhama complex. Ash and Glyph parked up and took up observations about a mile away, Six drove on and parked the car on the road, just in case they needed options. And then they sat and watched. Glyph had to abort a closer inspection because guards spotted her, so Six then sent his fly-spy drone in for a look.

Meanwhile Ash took a call from Ka-Hil. He wanted to meet up with Ash to discuss the magical group. Ash was torn, he was desperate to further his relationship with this mysterious magical group, but at the same time didn’t want to leave the job part way through. Six didn’t make it any easier when Ash told them that he was off. Ash took the truck and headed back into Atlanta. Glyph and Six sat on a log watching the complex. It started to rain.

Hours passed, Six had managed to get his Flyspy drone into Dr. Calahan’s apartment and the two runners sat and waited. A van pulled up nearby. It was still raining and it was dark but they could see that Mitsuhama security also performed sweeps of the local countryside if prompted by something. Six realised that his Drone link could be giving them away and killed the connection. They then moved off.

Thinking quickly, they then moved back toward the van. They disabled the alarm and slipped into the back while the two security men performed their sweep. They sat quietly and then were driven straight into the heavily guarded complex unseen, with not a shot fired.

Ash spent 3 hours talking to Ka-Hil. He explained the magical group, he told him the practices, and he told Ash that he would need to choose an adepts way. Ash had a tough decision regarding the way he wanted his training to be focused but eventually chose the Invisible Way. Ka-Hil nodded his agreement with the choice and told Ash that he would get a chance to meet up with his mentor soon.

Ash then blazed back to his friends outside Mitsuhama. Only they were no longer outside Mitsuhama. Ash got worried. He could see that another vehicle had pulled up, and he could see that people had gotten into the back of the van, and Ash feared that his friends had been taken prisoner.

Meanwhile Glyph and Six were sneaking around inside the complex. They had taken one of the vans and were presently making their way up a fire escape into Calahan’s living block.

Ash made a rash move. He snuck down the hill to the main security fence and cut his way through. Then after crawling through the gap he had cut he saw that a guard dog had spotted him even if the handler hadn’t. Ash ran, scrambled over another fence, only to hear shouts of alarm from more security guards. Glyph and Six saw Ash in trouble but would jeopardise the run if they went to his aid. Ash ran past the fire escape they were climbing up, but came face to face with more guards, He ran back the way he had come but again guards were closing in, Ash got his shotgun and began shooting, and the guards began to return fire. And then Ash screamed. They pinned him to the ground with a pain inducer, before knocking him out cold. Six and Glyph heard Ash’s screams cut short.

They made their way to the fire escape door and cut their way through. The headed to Calahan’s door and Calahan’s girlfriend answered. They pushed in and after trying to explain that everything would be okay if she co-operated they shot her with a stick-shock™ round. Calahan turned up not much later and Glyph forced him to co-operate at gun point. The plan was simple. They would head out casually to the van, and then once on the move, they would drive out of the automated gates before anyone could stop them.
They got to the van; Calahan was able to provide enough credibility to bluff the guards. And they drove out towards the gates but the second set of gates were on shut down. Glyph handed Six her custom gun with mini-grenade launcher and Six leaned out of the window and pulled the trigger. Nothing happened. Glyph had forgotten that she had put a biometric safety on the weapon, the van ploughed into the firmly shut security gates.
Glyph and Six were unhurt, and they fled.

Six got his rig on, firing up Ash’s truck and his own car while driving the van. Glyph searched for RFID tags on their two hostages while Six worked an escape plan. His own car parked up next to a large tree and as the van flashed past he remotely shot out at the base of the tree, if fortuitously fell across the road barring any pursuit vehicles.

Once the RFID tags had been found they ditched the van and switched to Ash’s truck and fled into the night.

Ash was captured. The Chinese corporation employed a specialist interrogator to find out what was going on. Ash screamed as he was tortured but he didn’t give away anything. Even his own name he protected.

Six and Glyph contacted the Johnson to tell him that they had his man. And the Johnson asked a favour. Look after him until the morning, Future Concepts didn’t realize that they would have a hostile employee, and needed to put measures in place to ensure that he stayed with them once the runners left. Six and Glyph had to split. Glyph looked after their scientist. Six took the unconscious woman who was also employed by Mitsuhama and contacted them to exchange her for the captured Ash.

Things happened quickly, Mitsuhama agreed to meet up with Six at a park he had arranged.

The two cars, Six’s and Mitsuhama’s were parked 100 yards or so apart. The man Six had been negotiating with stepped out of the car and Six instructed him to send Ash. Ash was sat in the car with an explosive device strapped across his chest wasn’t keen on getting out to be used as some kind of remote control mine, but at the same time didn’t like the idea of being sat in the car either. He stepped out.
Six sent the woman back to her employers, and then Six got a call from the Mitsuhama man. He explained that Ash was rigged to blow, and he wanted to know who their employers were. Eventually Six told them the Johnson’s number and the name of the Corp who was employing them. Ash had the explosives taken off and was free.

Glyph sat in Future Concepts HQ alone with a magazine and a cup of coffee for company waiting for the morning. Two men approached. They told her that Mr. Johnson had sent them and that she was relieved of watching Dr. Calahan. She didn’t believe that their employer had sent them and called him to confirm that the two goons were not from Future Concepts. A hail of bullets followed leaving nothing but two dead goons.

The runners quickly met up again, and were relieve when the Mr. Johnson from Future Concepts finally took delivery of Dr. Calahan. They were paid in full. And Ash treated them to dinner…

The runners were free to get back to San Francisco if they choose. Six has ordered a new bit of Cyberware that he wants Mal to fix him up with when he is next at the street Doc’s.


Six said...

Lets get the Frag out of Dodge until the heat from Mitsuhama blows over, capiche?

Thorn said...

They have the resources to track you down, if they want to.

Six said...

I'm well aware of that. I'm just hoping that we're not worth it. I figure if they see us near their compound in Atlanta, we're frappe but hopefully we're not sufficiently annoying to make the resource allocation worth hunting us down.

Glyph said...

I think it went well for the most part, although i think Ash may have been brain washed to follow that Ka-Hil's Direction so we should be careful

Thorn said...

Corporations are big ungainly hulks of power, a shadowrunner is to small and too wiley to bother the whole corporation unduly.

And Ash has been brain washed. He only sees the power that is being offered. Mwaahaha ha ha haaaargh cough cough.