Monday, January 08, 2007

Mancell and the Bookie.

Tuesday 22nd August 2070

Ki-Rin, Sickle, Glyph, Ash

The runners were kicking their heels, there was nothing on trid, the PS7 wasn’t filling them with joy, and Six was spending some quality time with Kitty so there wasn’t even a street race on, so when the phone rang with the offer of a job Ash took it up.

The bookie Smoove Frankie had a client called Mancell who was defaulting on a big debt, and as the client knew Smoove, and his enforcers it would prove difficult to get to him without the aid of the runners. Smoove also knew that the client in question, a gentlemen’s club owner, was taking some backhanders from the Mafia and he wanted the runners to head round, put some pressure on Mancell and to point out that Smoove wanted paying otherwise he would start letting it be known that the Mafia had a hand in his pocket.

Ash took the job and managed to talk an extra 5grand out of the man if they could find some more blackmail evidence on Mancell.

He got the rest of the runners together and they discussed their options. Mancell was a club owner with 3 clubs, all called Mancell’s the largest of these clubs was in San Francisco. Mancell had a past of dodgy dealings while in politics but nothing that would embarrass him. The clubs accounts were a bit suspect but would pass scrutiny from a lazy auditor, the runners guessed money laundry was taking place in the back room. Ki-Rin also found the floor plans for the club.

The runners saw no point in hanging around and planned a hit that evening. The split up arranging to meet back at Ash’s place at 9pm.

Between them, the runners laid on Ash’s coffee table, 2 battle rifles, 1 assault rifle, 4 heavy pistols, 2 sub machine guns, 36 assorted grenades, and nearly 1000 rounds of ammunition. 4 gas masks, 4 suits of armoured urban armour, 4 ski masks, and one soon to be broken combat knife. They were ready.

Heading outside, the 4 runners looked at their vehicle options. Ash wasn’t keen to have his van anywhere near the Mafia so refused to drive. Which left Sickles 3 wheeled 2 seat commuter, and Glyph’s 2 seat sports car. Although there were enough seats to go round they wanted an option on kidnapping Mancell so decided to carjack a van.

Sickle and Ki-Rin stood by the side of the road near some traffic lights and waited. Eventually a van pulled up. The driver was oblivious to the two ski masked men striding across to the drivers door and was unceremoniously hauled out onto the road and smacked round the back of the head with a pistol butt. The pair of runners then drove back to Ash’s.

The van was a plasterers, so while the runners ditched his gear, Ki-Rin took a black marker and changed the number plate subtly. Ki-Rin then decided to wash the plaster dust out of the back of the van with a hosepipe.

They were ready, it was 11pm, they had a van, they had the kit and set off. Ash drove, Glyph called shotgun with Sickle and Ki-Rin in the back. They pulled up at the back of the club, the rear door and the fire escape guarded by two burly goons. Ki-Rin looped the camera system and then they were good to go. Ash wound down the window and Glyph hosed them with lead rain (Ash got a face full of discarded cartridges) and the two goons were dropped. Ki-Rin was already out the back of the van to drag the bodies into the vehicle.

The runners moved quickly, Sickle and Ki-Rin hauling down the ladder arrangement on the fire escape. They dashed up. The runners got in through the top fire escape briefly tripping an alarm that Ki-Rin unusually missed. They then set about searching the top floor. Ash had told the runners to look for some evidence but wasn’t sure what would count as evidence, (It was around this time that Ash broke another combat knife trying to jimmy open a door) the alarm summoned some more guards to come and investigate. Ki-Rin was forced to take them down. Again silent and efficient.

The runners found nothing of interest, Glyph came across some accounts and things but without a super computer and a team of accountants couldn’t find anything untoward in the moments she looked at it. The team decided to move on down. Coming to the top of the stairs they found another goon coming out of a little guard room saying that he had head something. Ki-Rin dropped him, but then the lead started to fly. The team moved quickly Glyph got on the other side of the wall to the guard room exchanging gunfire, Ash and Ki-Rin marked the other doors, and Sickle tossed in a few grenades. The 5 guards were pasted.
There were two other doors and after the efficiency the team had so far displayed Ash had a momentary lapse and gaily flung the door open.

4 guards stood poised on the other side of the door ready to surge out and meet the runners were almost as surprised as Ash was to see them, behind them two men were fleeing down the fire escape one of whom was Mancell. Ash was dropped for his stupidity, Glyph received a hail of gunfire for her troubles as well. Ki-Rin and Sickle moved round to take the new threat out, Ki-Rin pumping shotgun spray across two of them, while Sickle took down another with his SMG. The fourth guard took to his heel toward the fire escape as well.

Ki-Rin was keen to catch up with the fleeing Mancell and got his head down to sprint, Sickle ran with him backing up his man. The fleeing guard saw the two runners after him and assumed they were after him, and threw himself off the fire escape in a bid for freedom.

Ki-Rin ignored the guard, took a mark on the retreating silver haired Mancell and took him out with a well aimed stick shock. Sickle joined Ki-Rin and dropped a flash bang onto the other man.

The runners quickly snatched up their quarry, leapt into the van and headed for some Z-zone wasteland.

The runners gathered around the dazed club owner IRA style, looking down over him ski masks and rifles. Ash told Mancell that he had to pay Smoove, and when he didn’t seem quite intimidated enough Sickle took a knife and began pressing into the flesh of his thumb. The runners failed to mention that Smoove knew about his Mafia back handers, but it didn’t matter he was going to pay the man as soon as he got home.

The runners contacted Smoove once they had ditched the van and beamed him some pictures of Mancell, and the other man they took down. Smoove knew the other man as Leonard Baines and once the runners received the payments with an extra 5 grand on top they realised he was pleased with their nights work.

The guard who threw himself off the fire escape in this run did survive. Along with the wounds he suffered at the wrong end of Sickles Ares Alpha he received two broken legs and a fractured collar bone. he will spend 6 weeks in hospital where he finds his faith, he will go on to found an evangelical church in Wyoming.


Mr Slayer said...

I'm slightly less displeased having learnt that the Run you ruined my perfect streak for was a filler and not the conclusion of the 500k-er...

Thorn said...

I had three options.
1. Run from where we were and just have Six bum out (but I didn't think that would be fair)

2. I could have gone for a phone call mid plot for an emegency (but would probably have some issues if they had taken too long, and after Six had a go at Ash for swanning off he would be well pissy if the whole team did.)

3. Run one week prior to where we are at option.

If I do say so myself, it wasn't bad for 20 minutes planning and a merciless rip off of a "Run on the Fly" idea from the contacts book.

I was a bit concerned at one point. Ash took so many bullets, that he nearly died, and that would have caused some kind of continuity error or two.

Thorn said...

Awww crap!
Right I have just noticed that the date we ran it on (20th Aug) would clash with another run you were all on at the time. So I have changed the blog to the 22nd of Aug.

This way the runs all slot together, and the only things that are wrong are your memories and Trev's notes. Sorry Trev.

Six said...

You forgot Option 4 -

4. Get a spine and say 'No'


Thorn said...

Not a great option. We were at Stu's and the entertainment options were running out fast. We had spent a little time watching Sarah play some kind of pseudo fighting pseudo RP game for a while, there was no monopoly munchkin or even a deck of cards. So option 4 was go home really early.

Sinister said...

You're wobbling Edwards. So far you've blamed Alan for only providing short entertainment and Stu for being a crap host.

This is brilliant fun. Who can I browbeat you into blaming next?!


Thorn said...

Look, I'm feeling the pressure here. I get bullied into running a shadowrun and then get beats for it from the player who was otherwise disposed.

Anyway, trev isn't completly blameless here either.

And for that matter, you as well. If you hadn't called off werewolf we wouldn't have had to try and entertain ourselves and this whole sorry affair.

Ki-Rin said...

You tell him Ow. Lol

Good run though, i fired so many bullets i may not have to shoot anybody tonight...

Thorn said...

I'm glad about that.

Although if you play your cards right (or wrong depending on your POV) you might have one mother of all firefights.