Friday, January 12, 2007

Storm the Genesis magic research facility

Ki-Rin, Glyph, Ash, Six

The runners decided that they wished to sit tight in the other teams apartment. They approached Banner, the guy who claimed to own it, and paid him 10k to lease the house for 3 days. He accepted, and then Banner and one half of the magic sisters, Duo, were set free.

Ash received a datafile from Halifax, which was attributed to the Laughing Man. It was dated 1906 just after the great San Francisco quake. In it, it described events where he claimed that he had stopped hoards of spirits in their tracks by performing some kind of ritual.

The runners weren’t stupid though and the prospect of the other team coming back to avenge the deaths of the other members of their team was very likely, so they prepared, setting up fields of fire with automated weaponry and drones, doors were welded shut, and each runner took up positions in the building.
Their preparations would not be in vain, and while Ash astrally perceived to see if he could find Brent again the other team came back. Initially they paid a street bum to leave a suitcase filled with C4 outside the house but Ki-Rin spotted this attack from the roof, and with a gun prompting the bum he commanded that the case was opened. The explosion surprised no-one, and it was the trigger for the assault.
The rigger brought down his heavily armoured Hum-Vee and started shooting the runners position up with a chain gun, the bullets chewing through the house. The mage sisters chucked lighting bolts at Ki-Rin from rooftop to roof top. Banner came in on foot, armed with grenades.
The engagement lasted about 5 minutes, culminating in a cluster of explosions, the biggest from nearly a kilogram of C15 plastic explosive which wiped the greater part of the building the runners were in, out.

The team fled the scene before Lone Star arrived. They realised that they were back to square one. They had few leads, no information and no ideas. Ash had a hunch though and told the runners that in Astral space it was possible to see a glow from the Silicon Valley area. He directed them down their to a corporate building that they had been to before. It was the Cross Applied Technologies building where the CORe device had been worked on. The sign outside now claimed that the building belonged to Genesis, and that it was the magical research offices. The building had been damaged the last time the runners were here, and work to repair the structure was well underway. An annex had been added to the side of the building, while the rest of it was clad in scaffolding and green gauze to stop debris from falling to people below.

The runners had a good long debate as to weather they were heading inside or not, and Ash attempted to divine the goings on. He was struck with a vision of Dominic Cross, the man who was taken over by the Shedim, Allisom. And he then saw Brent Masters being killed.

When Ash told them this is what he had seen the team decided that they had no choice but go in, informed or not. Ki-Rin attempted to hack into the closed camera system but was unable to locate a suitable tap in point before the guards approached him. Ahs decided that the direct approach was needed and headed for the recently erected 3m high security fence. And began to clamber over. As the guards came out, Glyph shot them dead and a fight ensued.

Ki-Rin and Ash made it into the compound and up to the annex doors. Inside they found a large 2x2m lift platform. Ki-Rin pushed the button and it went down. Glyph dived over the fence with the aid of Six’s pods. And Six was left on the other side mopping up the remaining outside guards with the vehicle-mounted weapon.



Ki-Rin said...

Ah, now you missed the fact that I iced those little magic chickie's didn't ya.

Once again, we are victorius. As the saying goes:

"Don't mess wid da best, cos da best don't mess!"

Viper said...

Also missed the point that the heavily armoured Hum-Vee was what caught the bring of MY C15 heh heh

Sinister said...

And he also missed the fact that my vehicle mounted weaponry was instrumental in the attack rather than just mopping up the guards after I'd finished playing Pod Springboard for sturdy girl.

The moral of this story is, the GM has a lot on his plate, if you want your ego stroked with a personal account of your key role in the events, write an in-game character blog ;o)

(whistles nonchalantly...)

Thorn said...

I was going to point out that this was only an aid to memory and other stuff but....

What Nick said!

KI-Rin said...

Yeah, that and the fact that your Dog-bot bought the farm. Poor stupid dog-Bot. Or was it bread bin? Lol