Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Mage in the Volcano.

Thursday 26 October 2070

Glyph, Six, Ki-Rin, Ash.

The runners drove away from the facility with an injured and unconscious Manton Ford. They drove to a secluded spot on the highway and parked up. Six had a bit of a heart to heart with Ash while Ki-Rin and Glyph questioned Manton Ford.

The questioning was light and friendly, an approach Ford hadn’t steeled himself for, and he found himself opening up to the runners, hinting at his fear of Dominic Cross. He gave the runners a phone number for Book and after Ash joined in the questioning gave them the number for Dominic Cross as well.

Ki-Rin ran a trace on Books number while Six made a phoney call, and they pin[pointed his location to the Volcano Club. They suspected he was going to be there, but now they were sure. Six and Ki-Rin went onto the Volcano Club in Las Vegas, while Ash Glyph and Drifter went back to San Francisco to palm off Manton Ford onto The Juggler and to seek medical attention.

Six and Ki-Rin pressed onto Las Vegas, and after setting themselves up in the Volcano car park, set about surveillance. Six deployed drones for visual obs, while Ki-Rin picked up a tux and headed into the casino to see what he could see. After about an hour, and after loosing one of Six’s drones Ki-Rin came out and retired back to the van with the knowledge of the rough layout, the security measures laid on by Red Samurai and that there was a high rollers table on the 3rd floor of the building. The pair settled down and waited for Ash and Glyph to catch up.

Friday 27th October 2070 02:00

Ash and Glyph caught up with the others at about two in the morning, they caught up on what had transpired so far, and they came up with a bit of a plan, Glyph and Ki-Rin would go in to see if they could get up to the high roller table to see if their quarry, Book, was up there. Six and Ash were to remain outside as a fast response.

Ki-Rin started splashing the cash at the tables, and eventually his keenness to loose his money was noticed by someone. He was approached by a bouncer who told him that he could make his way upstairs with a 50k buy in. Ki-Rin accepted and then had to pool the teams money to be able to afford the buy in.

Heading upstairs, Ki-Rin was introduced to Book and his four gambling mates. Glyph joined them at the table, and watched in horror as over the course of half a dozen hands Ki-Rin lost a good chunk of the money. Ki-Rin himself readily admitted that he was no card shark, and he knew soon enough that he was going to loose the lot, he was in on the last hand an knew he would be out, he got on the phone and called Six and Ash to tell them that they had Book in their sight but needed a distraction.

Ki-Rin painted up the targets with the smartlink, and seeing this, Ash took Ki-Rin’s sniper cannon and found himself a sneaky place to shoot from. He was shooting at range, through the external concrete structure at an unseen target marked out only by the smartlink system, he had two armour defeating high velocity anti materiel shells left, and two guards near the lift to take out.

Ki-Rin was shaking the hands of the card players when Ash took the shoot. It punched through the wall but a lot of the potency had been taken out by the exterior cladding only winging the guard. He kicked up a stink all the same, and guns appeared in the hands of his colleagues and one of the card players had come in with a six shooter too. Ki-Rin went over to the guards all pally-pally asking what was going on before snatching the gun of the guard who was shot.

Glyph saw what was going on, and was going to take out Book, but instead went for the card shark with the six shooter. A mistake, as bullets flew, he attacked magically, dropping first Ki-Rin and then Glyph bringing them to the very brink of death.

Ash and Six were helpless, loosing the smartlink feed from one, then the other. They knew it had gone badly, and didn’t even know if they had survived. They sat outside, and thought, and were unable to do anything. They watched, and hoped that they would be dragged out by security, or that lone star would turn up and collect the body bags, or their friends would get a message to them but there was nothing.

It was Six in the morning, the sun was just coming up, and then they decided to go in. Six made a phone call while Ash checked the trunk of Glyph’s car to see what they had in the way of ammunition.


Ki-rin said...

And almost P1553D his pants when he saw how many rounds the silly bint was carrying around with her.

"Jesus Six, i don't know whether to help rescue those two or fight my own Corp war!!"

Anonymous said...

Ash open's the boot of the car, his eyes widen as he sees what is laid out in front of him, He then shuts the trunk, carefuly he backs away slowly questioning the sanity of glyph and his own sanity as he had been riding around in the same car as her! 2500 rounds!.....2500 rounds!......2500 rounds! how many does she funkin need?