Thursday, May 17, 2007

Rescue from the Volcano Casino

Six, Glyph, Ash

Friday 27th October 2070

The runners were in Las Vegas trying to find and capture a Mage who had gone AWOL with an orachachum book. Glyph and Ki-Rin had found him in a casino and had played a round of cards before trying to take him down. Glyph and Ki-Rin were out gunned and were near killed and were taken captive. Six and Ash, powerless to do anything initially, decided to stage a daring rescue attempt.

Six phoned his brother, the mafia man, and arranged for 5 mafia goons to come down and help out lay down some bullets and maybe draw some fire. Meanwhile Ash contacted Snow and arranged a weapon upgrade complete with under-slung grenade launcher.

Glyph came round, seemingly in Book’s private quarters, Ki-Rin unconscious in the room with her. She heard the mage talking on the phone outside the room, clearly making preparations for some kind of robust defence of the building. Eventually he left leaving a couple of guards watching over the captured runners.
Glyph seemed to be in Books bedroom, and after checking that Ki-Rin was alive she sought around to try and fashion some kind of improvised weapon.

At about 6 in the morning the Volcano casino emptied rapidly. Although early, Casinos never completely emptied but over the course of an hour every guest was ushered out of the building. Ash and Six had the feeling that someone was onto them. Six’s mafia goon squad turned up, and not long after, a Ork fixer known to Snow called Baz turned up with Ash’s bullets and grenades. The plan was simple, Six was going to drive his drone van, in through the plate glass lobby and lay waste to the pop up targets. After that point they would pick their way through the building killing anyone who would be a threat until they found Glyph and Ki-Rin.

Six rolled and exiting the road at speed, ploughed through the glazing of the casino. The mounted gun began taking out the guards who were in the lobby area while Ash the mafia goons and the drones deployed. The ground floor was relatively easy considering, and while Six sat in the comfort of the van controlling the drones, Ash and the Mafia made their way up the escalators.

Glyph had managed to fashion some kind of electric prod, out of a bedside lamp, a pole from a wardrobe, a length of ripped cloth and 3 metres of flex, and then began to try and lure the guards into the room. Eventually one of them stupidly opened the door and was electrocuted when Glyph jabbed the home made lightsabre into his ribs. She quickly dropped the second guard with the first guards weapons.

At the top of the escalators Ash and the mafia goons were coming under heavy fire. The Red Samurai guards had prepared a killing zone and despite Ash delivering a grenade to the minigun nest, three mafia goons had been cut down, and Ash was lying unconscious on the floor before the drones reached the top of the escalator and were able to come into play. The Steel Lynx was devastating though and the Red Samurai were quickly dealt with. Ash was brought back round and they moved onward to the next floor.

Glyph had checked around the apartment and had found a chair that seemed to be used by the mage. An orachalchum chippy lead had been strung through the eye sockets of five skulls and linked into an old Fairlight Excalibur. She had no idea what it was for but took the cyberdeck so that Ki-Rin could have a look at the data once he was up and well again. She then took the unconscious decker across to the lift to make their way down.

The next floor for Ash, the Mafia goons and Six’s drones had been cleared back of all furniture and two static mounted pintle gun drones, these locked onto and tracked the team making their way in and opened fire. The team kept their heads down while Six’s drones went in to distract these gun turretsbefore Ash finished them off with some well aimed bursts of armour piercing bullets.

They moved across to the single glass lift, and decided to send up the drones first. They sat in the lift and made their way up to the room where the card game went wrong for Ki-Rin. The drones sensors scanned the room and detected amongst the 6 guards, Book was in their. The Steel Lynx and the Doberman drones began to take down targets.

Glyph and Ki-Rin descended into the same room from a different lift. And as the doors opened Glyph let rip with the guns she had liberated. Book wasn’t getting taken without a fight and fired an acid stream at the Doberman which fizzed before popping. The Steel Lynx took down as many guards in the room as possible before running out of ammo. Ash summoned the lift and the last thing Six saw through the drones cameras was Glyph getting dropped by another magical stream of acid. Two grenades dropped into the lift with the Steel Lynx, and that drone was reduced to twisted metal.

Six was now out of contact with everything that was going on, and after a brief mental debate hopped out of the van and decided to dash up the stairs to help out.

Ash and the remaining mafia goon called Mario (the one with the big shoes and the AK97) made it to the top floor and were instantly under attack by the mage, Ash instructed Mario to use the medkit on the unconscious Glyph and then was also hit by one of Books acid stream spells which dropped Ash. The mafia goon was able to keep Books head down long enough with suppressing fire to administer more first aid to Ash, and long enough for Six to arrive. Ash and Six moved round either side of the bar Book was using for cover and shot him with stick shock rounds and whacked him on the head.

Ash, Six, and Mario then had to haul the unconcious Ki-Rin, Glyph and Book down three stories and back into the van. After thanking Mario for his efforts and an exchange of phone numbers Six blazed from the wreckage of the casino lobby and headed back to San Francisco to hand Book over to the Juggler.


Glyph said...

I suck

Thorn said...

Really? why? I thought you were awesome.

You escaped captivity armed only with your ingenuity. You took out five guards by yourself with liberated guns and grenades, and you rescued Ki-Rin 50% of the way wearing a blue sequined ballgown.

I would say that was not very sucky at all.

Ki-rin said...

I must admit, sounds impressive, well-done chaps. We're even now. Lol

Sinister said...

Agree with Owain here Stu - why do you think you suck?

Given the circumstances you could hardly have done any better!

Glyph said...

I nearly die-ed Boo Hoo

Sinister said...

But you didn't... so that was a result to be welcomed, eh?

Macy said...

Good for people to know.