Monday, May 22, 2006

Run 8. Simsense murder pt.2

Six, Ash, Ki-Rin

Thursday 6th April 2070

The runners had been hit hard. Ki-Rin lay at deaths door on a hospital bed. And Six had lost his pride and joy, his car.

Leaving Ki-Rin in the capable hands of Mal, Six returned to recover the remains of his car. Ash walked to Mal’s.

While under Ki-Rin experienced a flashback to his days serving, a medic stood over him and administered drugs to him. The following morning, he was miraculously healed. Mal claimed he had called in magical help from a friend to save Ki-Rin.

The runners regrouped and planned their next move.

They needed to draw out Kazuo, and piecing together the clues the quite quickly worked that Kazuo’s surname was Kiriyama, and a search drew up Kiriyama on the Shiawase database. As head of electric distribution. The team fancied that they had their man and then set about drawing him out.

They formulated a plan to contact Kiriyama and inform him that they had the simsense chip that he was after. If Kiriyama wished to get the chip back he would have to meet them on the Bay Bridge.

The runners knew that this ploy would bring Kiriyama’s hit squad down on them but they prepared their hit and had the element of surprise.

Ash took up a sniping position in one of the towers. Ki-Rin armed to the 9’s waited in the base of one of the towers and Six was to meet Kiriyama on the bridge. A bike on standby to make a swift getaway.

Kiriyama arrived at the due time in two black people carriers. They pulled up alongside Six, and a pumped and cybered Elf stepped out of the lead vehicle. He told Six to hand over the chip and when he refused, the Elf fired at him.

The gunshot brought Ki-Rin out of hiding and Ki-Rin hosed the Elf down, Ash from his sniping position opened fire on the two vehicles, Six dived for cover and also returned fire. Aiming and rupturing the fuel cell of the first vehicle it blew causing the second to try and drive around in the heavy traffic. The bullets still flew and the second vehicle was blown to pieces as the fuel ignited.

The runners fled the scene before Lone Star arrived.

Ash contacted Snow and asked him to let Duncan Croner that the deed had been done, and once Croner had verified the facts he paid the runners.


Sinister said...

I have FAILED to get Six Blog done in time for the next session for which I humbly apologise. I have no excuses, just an impending Werewolf campaign which I chose to devote more attention to. Sorry. I can only hope that the next run will go over two weeks, thus meaning I get a week's grace in the middle to do this Blog...

Thorn said...

If there is a blog coming I will save a space in the blog to squish it in.

And yes this weeks game will definatly run over... many, many weeks. Now that we have got good and ensconsed in the game, big plot arcs are to be added tonight.