Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Six's blog. Run 7 & 7a

by N.Barnes

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Ever had one of those days where your whole world suddenly lurches sideways and nothing quite looks the same thereafter? This has been one of those days. I’ve been on the move now, hardly stopped, for so long that everything has become a bit of a blur… We followed up a Run posted to the Matrix – our first general Op rather than one specifically handed to us – and met up with a guy called Mason. Mason’s in construction, bidding for some San Fran government contracts but rather than rely on his company’s bid, he wanted some dirt on the Governor that he could use for leverage.

It didn’t seem like it should be too hard. The Governor was squeaky clean – suspiciously squeaky clean – doctored records squeaky clean – so we hit research mode. I even called my brother Nunzio. I was reluctant because we’ve not exactly seen eye-to-eye since Pops found out he was a Made Man. Dad was pissed, Mom was utterly gutted, distraught that her son should turn to organised crime. Hell, what am I putting them through? What right do I have to put them through the mill a second time? I’m going to have to play it really safe and make sure that they don’t find out. Anyway, calling Nunzio turned out to be a mistake for several reasons.
Nunzio blanked me. No big surprise there but I soon found out there was more to it than met the eye. We tracked the Governor to a private function on a yacht out in the bay. Who should come down the gangway to greet the Governor? Nunzio. Seems the Mafia were wining and dining our target and I’d inadvertently let Nunzio know someone was digging the dirt on his guest.

It all seemed fairly straightforward at this point. If we could prove the Governor’s hands had gotten dirty in his dealings with the Mafia then job done. However, after the yacht had dropped off the Governor, they sped back out into the harbour and on to some private docks on the south side of the Bay. With any hope of evidence, disappearing off in the direction of the horizon on-board the yacht we had no option but to follow. Thank the stars, Ash has his own speedboat. At the private mooring the Mafia all decamped and headed up to the house above. We figured it was one of their safe houses and took the opportunity to sneak aboard. I rowed over to their dock and kept watch while Ono snuck on to make with the nefarious deeds. Mid-swipe, we hear gunshots from above and a fat man falls from the cliffs above into the drink. I got a good look at him but didn’t recognise him. What was clear however was that we were interrupting a Mafia hit and that was not conducive to our continued good health.

We had to think fast and opted to put distance between ourselves and the Mafia as quickly as possible. Easiest way to do that was to jack their yacht and flee into open water where we could conduct a thorough search and rendezvous with Ash for pick up and escape. Bombshell one was all the evidence we needed to complete Mason’s run. Signed agreements that the Governor would give one of the construction contracts to a Mafia-owned company set up by one Nunzio Caznotti. Clearly their intention was money laundering and clearly my brother was in it up to his neck.

We’d put a call from Snow on hold as things got rough with the Mafia and called him back while en route to our pay off from Mason. He gave us our second run of the night. Seemed he’d been contracted by the Yakuza to facilitate a little gun running and the hardware had gone missing somewhere in the desert. Ki-rinn did some sniffing and located a tyke called the Merchant who was offering goods for sale. He also picked up a trace on Snow’s gun-runners so we high tailed it off into the desert to check the situation out.


There’s an old mine up there that we traced the hardware too. The Merchant had converted it into some sort of Ops Base from which he was playing highwayman on the pick of the smuggling routes. We had ourselves a hard little fight but managed to kill the goons, retrieve the gear and deliver it back to Snow before the Yakuza rearranged his face.

Out of curiosity and gratitude, Snow debriefed us on the other run we’d taken on. Bombshell two, Snow identified the fat man’s corpse. He’d been a Mafia capo – one of their big cheeses. Nunzio’s face peering over the cliff edge to check on his handiwork and running up the pier to try and stop us stealing the yacht is all I see now when I close his eyes. Evidently La Familia is experiencing some sort of power play within its ranks and my bro is trying to claw his way up the ladder a few rungs.

I’m wired and strung out. Lack of sleep. Too much adrenaline. I need to lay low for a while until this blows over. Hell we all do. We’ve managed to cross the Mafia and narrowly avoid crossing the Yakuza, all in the space of a day. Are we compromised? Did Nunz’ recognise me at all. Will he put two and two together from my request earlier on and realise I’m involved? We’ve stolen a Mafia yacht, witnessed a Mafia hit, scotched a Mafia money laundering plan and ruined their chance of putting a stranglehold on the Governor’s office. Someone’s gonna be mighty pissed and I don’t know whether Nunzio will give me up, protect me or come after me and the team himself.

The guys know he’s my bro, they know he’s Mafia and that we’ve interfered.
We didn’t discuss the implications but they’re bright enough to work it out.
Would they give me up to protect their own hides?
Damn. Damn, damn, damn.

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