Thursday, May 04, 2006

Run 8. Simsense murder

Six, Ash, Ki-Rin.

Tuesday 4th April.

Traffic officer Tony Valez paid a visit to Six’s parents. He wanted to get a feel for the man who he wanted to take off the streets, before he made any moves. Nothing serious, just a friendly chat with Mom and Pops.

Flash finally got a break from his CO and was given some down time. He had been meaning to pay back Ki-Rin and Six for shaking the 6 lone star cruiser tail he had acquired a month or so ago. He knew Six was after some runflats like he had on his Humvee, so that’s what he got hold of. Some Humvee runflats. He knew exactly what to get for Ki-Rin. The Mil-spec combat program, Silver Flame. A few favours called in and he got hold of a copy. Just had to make sure he didn’t get caught with it, otherwise there would be another spell in the brig for Flash.

Wednesday 5th April 04:21

Lone Star smashed the door down to Ash’s apartment, with yells of Freeze! Police! Startling him awake. Ash was nicked.
Spending Six hours in the slammer didn’t improve his humour and by the time he was hauled through to the interview room he was getting tetchy.

Captain Duncan Croner walked in, and after refreshing Ash’s memory as to who he was he laid his cards on the table. He would get Ash freed. Would Pay ¥50,000 if Ash could find and kill the person responsible for the death of his brother.

The police captain’s brother called himself Smoke on the streets, was a black market simsense chip dealer, and had been gunned down in his own lockup. Whoever killed him had not spared the ammo.

Ash gathered the team, calling in Six and Ki-Rin. They decided that they would head round to Smokes house first. A simple single story house in a rough district, Smoke took the precaution of fitting sturdy security features. The runners broke in though, and they found his house was a simsense studio with a couple of thousand nuyen spent on hardware. The garage was turned into a porn den, and the other rooms were used as storage for burned BTL chips.

Ash enjoyed his first simsense, and Ki-Rin had to warn about slotting one of the black chips that was found in one of the boxes. They found that someone had left a message on the answer phone. A guy called Ryder. It seemed he had sold Smoke a chip and he needed Smoke to call him pronto. There was also a cryptic note apparently left by Smoke saying Kiriyama 1m lockup 12:30.

12:30 was approx the time Smoke was shot dead at his lockup, but for the rest? They also found a box marked Ryder’s Drek. And playing back one of the chips inside they discovered that Ryder was associated with the biker chapter Rock Machine.

The runners headed to the lockup next, and confirmed that this is where Smoke was murdered. But before they could leave, three sharply dressed goons came in and got shooty in short shrift. These goons turned out to be some kind of Shiawase company men. The runners left before anyone else would turn up.

The runners then headed to Rock Machines bar. A hard Rock Café type theme bar run by the biker chapter. Heading in they left a message for Ryder to get in touch, and before they left Ryder had replied that he would meet them at the beach at midnight.

The runners had some down time before heading over. Ash hung back by the sea wall. Ki-Rin hid in a shallow pit in the sand, and Six stood under the Lifeguard station.

At midnight Ryder arrived, and upon getting told about Smokes death produced a simsense chip. Six slotted it and began watching Ryder and his gang about to break into a factory.

In the distance a helicopter thudded low over the sea.

Ryder’s gang began to break into a factory but were interrupted by tow cars which pulled up outside. Two Shiawase execs met, had a brief exchange before one shot dead the other. The body was then bundled into the back of a car and the car was set alight. Six witnessed the murder first hand, and as the simsense ended he became aware that his phone was ringing.

Ki-Rin gave the warning that a helicopter was headed towards them at pace, Six shot a look in that direction when the chain gun opened fire towards him and Ryder. Ryder panicked and ran, the helicopter tore overhead sending a spray of bullets along the beach hitting Ryder and killing him instantly. The chopper then banked steeply above Ki-Rin’s concealed position. Ki-Rin took the opportunity to return fire, aiming to take out the pintle-mounted gunner hanging from the side. He failed to kill, and the chain gun buzzed again, sending lead in a tight circle at the prone Ki-Rin.

Six witnessed this and called the distant Ash to get the medibot out of his boot. He then flipped up the minigun on his car and returned fire. The helicopter banked again and skimmed low toward the vehicle, the chain gun tore a line of bullets through the passenger compartment of the car hitting the ammo bin for the turret-mounted gun the car exploded into flames.

The helicopter circled to ensure that all were dead, and then flew back out toward the sea. Dashing to Ki-Rin’s side they administered first aid, but he was in a bad way. He needed a doc and fast.

Six had to get Kitty to bring he car down and they took him at speed to Mal, the street doc. Six’s car burned. But they were closer to finding the killer.


Ki-Rin said...

Ooooooh!! Did I not like that. Ouch.

Sinister said...

Did we ever find out what "1m" meant in relation to Smoke's fatal meet at the lock up?

Thorn said...

No you didn't...

Smoke recieved a simsense chip from Ryder which showed the murder. Smoke knew Kiriyama (from his young exec days when he dabbled in a few pink simsense experiences) and knew that he could sell the chip back to him.

a copy was made and Ryder took this (the chip you were finaly given) Smoke then proceded to call Kiriyama and offer to sell the chip back to him.

Kiriyama agreed to buy the chip for ¥1 million in cold hard cash and then rustled up himself a hit squad.

Smoke frantically scribbled down his message of fortune, and then went out to meet his bullet ridden end.

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