Thursday, June 01, 2006

Run 10. Perfect Shooter pt2 (storage depot)

Friday May 12th 2070

Six, Ash, Ki-Rin, Ono, Drifter.

Drifter took a job. Simple delivery run, collect a package and deliver it to a corporate depot. The helicopter that dropped him off, took off and left him with a big long walk home.
Setting off he flicked on his PAN to call a cab, and found that a couple of runners he knew were less than a mile away. Drifter put the call through, and they met up.

Once the runners found out that Drifter had been into the same depot that they were heading to, Ki-Rin and Drifter set off back to have a good scout, they found the compound was secure, but a series of 6 air con vents positioned outside the perimeter fence which seemed a better access than trying a full frontal assault.

Falling back to the van they outlined their plan, cut through the vent covers and with the aid of climbing gear drop down into the tubing and explore from there.

After a brief visit to Richmond to buy up the necessary kit, the runners were in position by nightfall. They hid the rented Avis truck in a ditch and leopard crawled to the vent. Six burnt through the heavy grill that covered the vent and Ono held it so it didn’t fall. After they gained access they re positioned the grill with Drifter up on the surface to clear up and keep watch.

The runners crawled through vents for over an hour before they came across the first view of the underground base through a large vent. The drop into the underground marshalling yard was to high and the security was tight so they backed off to find a better entry point.

Descending another level they found an air extractor vent went directly into an empty office. Slipping inside they were pleased to find it was the base commanders office an ex-British army office who called himself the Duke. Ki-Rin knew of him from his days in the service, and knew that he was a bit of a wild card.

Six rummaged through the filing cabinets and found Ash’s brother file, and took a few more for evidence.

The runners then felt that they hadn’t got enough info from here and were going to go looking for more, Ki-Rin went active on his PAN and started hacking the computer systems, this put the base on alert. Guards descended on their location and the runners had to fight hard.

Beating the guards back the runners welded shut a door to the rest of the base, this stopped them from being attacked from the rear as they pulled back out of the base through the vent systems.

Drifter was not having such and easy time of it. Hauling 400 metres of rope back to the van he was an easy target for the patrol that was already searching for something funny out near the vents. Drifter practically stumbled into the two guards who set up near the rental 4x4.

Duke monitored the COM burble from his patrols and decided that these insurgents must be trying to retreat the way they came in, and when he heard about the runner captured he took a squad to meet the runners coming out of the vent.

Six was the first to clamber out of the tube, glancing over he saw that Drifter was on his knees with a gun pressed to the back of his head, Six spotted more soldiers guns trained on him, on the vent, and on Drifter. Six painted the targets with his PAN for the others to pick up on then pretended to comply with the demands to lay down. Six had hung onto the tailored golf putter found in Dukes office and hefted it once before bringing it hard down across the side of one of the soldiers faces.

Ono, the next in the pipe was slow to react and the sound of gunfire rattles across the forest. Ono eventually flew out but was hit with a hail of bullets, Ki-Rin emerged next, dropping one of the young shooters, and Ash used the pipe to give him some cover as he returned fire.

Six was already down; Drifter received a swift blow to the back of his head, which knocked the spark out of him. Ki-Rin was dropped by two bursts and Ash was shot and fell back into the pipe unconscious.

Ono, the troll, stood as he was hit by multiple rounds, his friends dropped around him, he bellowed and charged, sword drawn at Duke. A single shot rang out and the troll slumped to the ground.

Duke stood smelling the cordite in the air. He needed these runners alive to get some answers out of them. He ordered the Soldiers to replace the stick/shock rounds for the standard ammo clips, and to carry the unconscious forms into the supply depot.

To Be Continued…


Ki-Rin said...

They ain't gettin nothin' outta me!!

Duke said...

We'll see.

Six said...

I intend to sing like a canary. I have nothing to hide and they'll learn little of any use or interest from me.

With a cocky smile, the Duke said...

Sergeant, I'm sorry to say you will have to put the whacking stick down, it appears we have a talker.