Thursday, June 22, 2006


Monday 29th May 2070.

Six, Sickle, Ki-Rin, Glyph, Ash.

The runners saddled up and set off for the long circuitous drive to Seattle. Having to miss out the bulk of Tir Tangire added a day to the drive, but it avoided the hassle of trying to get through the boarder.

The had been on the road for well over 12 hours, Swapping seats every couple of hundred miles, to give everyone a chance to stretch their legs. Glyph was in the lead car with Six following when 4 bikers ambushed them. Three of the riders hung back and fired long-range pot shots aiming to hustle the 2 sports cars on. The 4th rider sped on ahead along a dirt road and set up a spike strip to immobilise the cars.

These would be car jackers didn’t anticipate their prey would fire back, and they aborted the attack as the odds changed. The runners caught one of the bikers alive, he was a young local ganger who was battered and scared. They tied him to the bonnet of Six’s car and accelerated. The lad knew there was a spike strip ahead yelled for them to stop, but he wasn’t heard over the engine noise, Six hit the strip with all 4 wheels followed by Glyph who also had no time to react.

The would be car jacker was freed, and the runners waited for ATS to turn up with 8 new shoes for their cars.

4 hours later the runners were back on the road, they made their way to Seattle with an uneventful journey. Arriving at the UCAS Seattle border the runners found that the usually slack checkpoint was stop searching every vehicle. Not keen on having a chat with the authorities they swung the cars round and looked for another way into Seattle. And after half an hour they found a forgotten road running through barren wasteland into the north of the state.

Sickle still had the keys to his downtown apartment, and the runners swung by there to gather their thoughts. What was the plan? Lamb said that she had two names. Download, a decker, and an unknown person named Silk. These names had turned up in an internal memo that Lamb had found in Cross Applied and she wanted to find out more. Silk was known to be in the Seattle barrens but that was all that was known.

The runners knew no one in the Barrens so decided to head down and ask the residents of the forgotten quarter of Seattle.
The area known as the barrens comprises of a shantytown built in the shadow of the collapsing buildings long since abandoned by civic care. The people are the detritus of corporate Seattle, the SINless, the criminal and the unlucky. All trying to survive in the world that doesn’t know them.

The runners drove into the barrens in their sleek sports cars, and instantly drew attention to themselves. People with cars have money, and people with money in the barrens are lost, stupid or dangerous.
Asking on the streets the runners found no information on this Silk, until they found a bar operating out of an old apartment building. Heading into the metahuman bar, Ash strikes up a difficult conversation with an Old timer Ork who points them in the direction a church a few miles away. And he warns them that they are in too deep.

The team mount up and drive towards the church, only to find a barricade ringing 6 blocks worth of streets. A guy called Cable, manning the barricade tells the runners that it is to keep Silk in, and that the runners are signing their own death warrants heading in there. They head on in anyway.

The buildings are covered in spider web, the closer to the church they get, the more dense the web. And there is not a soul around. The runners start to realise that this is something they have never encountered before.

The church, nestled between a couple of apartment blocks is shrouded in web, with only the front door as a way in. The runners try to get into the building some other way but come up with nothing. Ki-Rin is the first through the door and is snatched by a Preying Mantis type critter. The rest of the team swing into action and kill 4 of them in total.

Once they cleared the room, the runners looked around. The floor had given way exposing the dried up sewers, and above there were fifteen or so dead bodies cocooned in spider silk.

The runner’s head down into the tunnel system, and eventually come to a large pumping room. The mechanism removed, and the shell of the pump a home for a massive spider. Ki-Rin kicks off again and in short order they kill the spider.

Silk who had been observing made himself seen and the runners dropped him with stun rounds.
Extracting Silk to the interior of the church the runners begin to question him. His only reply is “I am Silk, Servant of Allisom, bringer of Scourge” Ki-Rin lays the boot in, and Sickle makes threatening noises but they get the same mantra. And then “I am Allisom, Shedim, Bringer of the Scourge” The runners look at each other and back to Silk, and then are hit with visions of friends and families, as if someone or something was searching though their memories. And then it stopped. Ki-Rin plugged him, and Silk was dead.

The runners begin quickly phoning their friends and family, they get answer phone. Dread sets in and The Lamb calls and tells them that she has found out something disturbing and needs to meet up with them.

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