Thursday, June 15, 2006


Born on the streets of Seattle, Sickle had nothing. His mother died before he reallyknew her, his father was a drunk and violent man. By the time Sickle turned 14 he was on the rap sheet of Seattle’s finest. Burglary, assault, grand theft auto. He spent as much time in jail as he did in the squat Sickle called home until one officer took him under her wing.
She enrolled the kid into the SSBA (South Seattle Boxing Academy) where he learned discipline, how to look after himself, and how to fight.

Life without a SIN is hard but he copes. Working as an enforcer for the Vory (Russian Mafia) for the last 5 years had put money into his pocket, and taught him life lessons, some that he won’t forget, some others he tries hard to.

It is time to move on, Sickle knows that there is other work out there, rather than just following his Vory paymaster, it’s time to pick and choose the work for himself. Sickle has heard it called Shadowrunning, but that’s just pretentious crap. It’s just breaking kneecaps for a frag load more nuyen.


Sinister said...

I'd like to see one of Todd's own characters... I've only ever seen him play Pregens.

Thorn said...

Me too. Although I tried to keep details for this guy so very vague as Todd grows and fills pre-gens well beyond their bounds.