Thursday, July 06, 2006

Attack on Cross Head Quarters

Six, Sickle, Glyph, Ash, Ki-Rin.

Friday 2nd June 2070

Ash knew a contact he could rely on to keep an eye on Daisy, Kitty and Blake and they left them there but before they left Six thought about leaving Blake, the Perfect Shooter graduate. If he was under Cross Applied control before, he could still be under their influence. They bundled him into the boot of the car instead.

Ki-Rin had a bit of a plan. He would forge maintenance passes, the runners could gain access to the building as contractors they could then locate Dominic Cross and beat some answers out of him.

Ki-Rin hit the matrix, made arrangements to collect a hire van from SF truck rentals, and then hacked into the Cross mainframe to insert some contractor worker on file. Glyph set about modifying weapons, disguising a handgun in the body of a drill, and was able to fabricate a crude silencer. Ash went round to see their fixer, Snow, and bought up the ordinance the runners wanted. Six set about manufacturing some graphics to cover the SF truck rental logo to add credence to their cover story that they were contractors, and Sickle headed off to Screwfix to buy up overalls, tool belts and boxes, and other workman paraphernalia as their disguise.

By five o clock the runners were ready. Tools were loaded into the back of the freshly decaled hire van the runners had a cover story, and were keen to get on. Six drove them down to the underground complex, and after a bit of swift talking from Ki-Rin they drove into the underground car park of Cross Applied technologies.

Unloading the “tools” of the trade, the shadowrunners went into the maintenance area, they were met my the engineer who directed them to the power conduits that their phoney works order permitted them to work on.

Ki-Rin spotted a decker in VR who was investigating the new PAN’s that had entered the building. Ki-Rin instructed everyone to turn their PAN’s off, which they did, but then left his own PAN on as her continued to cold sim in VR.

The runners then headed for the stairs. Coming up to the next level they decided to split, so three of them carried on up the stairs, the two others stepped out and got into the lift.
Heading up the stairs, the trio came to a door, opening it they found themselves in reception. A quick talk to the receptionist they called the lift. The same lift the other two runners were in. Feigning surprise they all climbed in and Ki-Rin had a quick search for Dominic’s PAN. He found it on floor 7 and they hit the button. The doors closed, and then Ki-Rin found his active PAN being probed again. Ki-Rin decided that this decker was trouble and met him in full, hot sim, VR.

The two deckers fought for nanoseconds that passed like minutes, but Ki-Rin got the better of the Cross decker, who pulled out of the matrix all together. The Cross Applied decker then alerted security that there was a security breach.

Security on the third floor overrode the lift with a bypass card, and the lift doors opened. The runners were caught on the hop but dispatched the guards quickly. More guards descended on the lift, and a grenade was thrown. The explosion took out the guards, at which point Lone Star were called, and the security decker put a call through to Dominic.

The runners got back into the lift, which made its way up half a floor before having it’s power turned off quickly clambered out onto the roof of the lift and begun to climb the emergency ladder. Guards on the next floor jacked open the lift doors and were able to shoot at the runners. A grenade was thrown into the narrow gap, which took out the guards. Glyph was hit with the backwash but was okay.

The runners got out onto the emergency stairs and ran towards floor 7. They seemed to be being pursued but a well-placed grenade slowed this pursuit. And the runners made their way out onto the floor. The runners fanned out and were making their way passed the 1-way reflective glass offices. Six and Sickle opened the door to one of the offices and Sickle saw what appeared to be the wheels of a Steel Lynx behind a table. Not taking any chances a high explosive grenade was tossed into the room. Realisation dawned that the glass office wouldn’t offer much protection and the runners dropped prone.

The explosion tore out the glass walls showering Six, Sickle and Glyph in debris. Glyph made her way to the next office and opened the door. She saw Dominic sat there, Six and Sickle opened another door into the same office lobbed in a flash bang grenade that bounced once on the table between Glyph and Dominic

The runners fought with Dominic who used magic against them. Dominic’s flesh body was torn from the body of something more sinister beneath. The husk of Allisom. Six took aim with his gun (disguised as a drill) and fired one shot. The bullet hit Allisom’s eye and killed the spirit instantly.

The runners were hit by a vision of the Scourge. How Allisom ushers in the spirits into the world when the real and astral planes converge. The runners saw the destruction of the 4th world, and the beginning of the 5th. They saw the birth of the 6th and then they saw Dominic summon Allisom before time. The runners then saw themselves kill Dominic before being tricked by the Duke and getting killed themselves.

The runners snapped out of the trance stood around the body of Dominic. They went for the door and as the vision had shown them they saw the hologram of the Duke stood in the doorway. Six and Sickle got grenady on the soldiers who were about to surprise them through the back door and ran for the roof.

On the roof the runners saw the Duke at the helicopter. The runners opened fire, and then another grenade was deployed into he helicopter. After a brief firefight, the Duke was dead, and the runners were not. They were on the roof of Cross Applied Technologies and looking down, they saw that Lone Star had arrived. En mass.

The runners took the crippled helicopter and flew it for a tennis court about a mile away. Six remote controlled the cars to meet them there. And they made the limping flight across.

The runners evaded Lone Star for long enough to get out of Silicon Valley and back into downtown San Francisco. They headed off to see Gauge who told them that Lucien Cross, the owner of Cross Applied technologies had pulled the plug on his son’s pet project Perfect Shooter, and that the run was cancelled. The funds were still in, and the runners were still paid.

The runners headed home. Finished what had started all those weeks ago but now they could see the vestiges of astral perception hanging in their peripheral vision…


Sinister said...

Awesome monsieur. Awesome.

GM to GM, I sympathised with you as precision grenade placement eliminated 90 per cent of the antagonists.

Player to GM, I'm so glad several team members know what they are doing with grenades. If not for the grenades keeping the guards off of our backs, I think we would have had a much rougher ride.

Ki-Rin said...

We open cans, we take names, we kick ass!! Surgical my friends, surgical.

Any questions?

Thorn said...

you open cans, you take names, you kick off, you make enemies, you force me to set dragons on you. Grenade proof dragons!

A good game to round off the story arc. And yes, grenades did for mostly all of my FRT guards. who would have given you a good showing if they had managed to get up the stairs past the tumbling grenades.

Oh, and the mini-squad of Perfect Soldiers busting in through the back would have given you a run for your money except they had copped the larger half of 15 damage in the face.

Sinister said...

Prior preparation and planning prevents piss-poor performance.

So yay Todd and Al for bringing enough grenades to sink the Belgrano and tossing them around with pin point precision.

Thorn said...

Hmmmm. Well I sold 'em to you, I can carry the can for this one. But the day a gliched grenade is tossed, is the day the cosmic ballance will be restored.