Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The deaths in the Castro.

June 18th 2070.

Six, Ash, Ki-Rin, Glyph, Sickle.

Six handed over the keys to the Pickup truck he had been pimping to Ash, who was over the moon.

The runners were all called by Snow who had a job, and after meeting up, Snow set up a meet with a Mr. Johnson.

Mr. Johnson told the runners that there were a seriese of deaths in the Castro district of San Francisco which had the authorities worried a fee of half a million Nuyen had been made available to hire a team of runners to investigate and put a stop to it. The fee had time penalties to the tune of 50k a day to hurry the investigation on.

The word on the street was that the deaths were all linked to a new strain of HMHVV that had been devised by Aztechnology designed to target metahumans and to kill them off, and the symptoms before death are similar to that of a HMHVV attack. The runners took this info with a pinch of salt and proceeded to check out the rest of the clues.

The runners old friend, the Juggler, somehow had become involved with their run, his name turned up in a couple of places and the runners pondered why.

They visited some of the deceased, and quickly learned that the deaths were all male metahumans (with one exception). And they were all keen sportsmen.

The runners had a meeting set up by the Mr. Johnson with a doctor who was a specialist in the field of HMHVV and had been present at the deaths of the young men. Mr. J. wanted the runners to have all the intel he could provide.
The specialist, Dr. Manton Ford, dined with the runners and told them everything that he knew. The runners picked up on some sneered comments about metahumans and got the distinct feeling that Dr. Ford was racist.

The meal was interrupted by a van reversing in through the plate glass entrance and 5 men armed with AK97s yelling out that it was a robbery.
The runners stared on in disbelief for a moment or two before Glyph drew her concealed gun and got shooty. The rest of the runners who didn’t manage to sneak in any armarment made the best use of what they had. Six found a tazer under the bar which he handed to Sickle. Ki-Rin hurled steak knifes with deadly aim and very quickly all but one of the robbers was dead. The last was in the street and running. Ash picked up one of the dropped AK’s and fired a single shot, taking out the masked robbers knee.

The runners fled the sceen, not before Ash collected up the rest of the dropped AK97’s, and the masked man was bundled into his own van, and driven off by sickle and Ki-Rin for interrogation. The rest of the runners split.

This robber was a Notable Anarchist, and he had spoken to the Juggler. As soon as Ki-Rin relayed this info, Six had a brain wave. And sped off to Clives Dive, the pub where the NA’s met up before. Six had gotten talking to Clive, and thought that he would be able to get talking to him again.

The kidnapped Notable Anarchist was forced to make a call to the Juggler, to try and arrange a meet, and it seemed to work. But as the Ki-Rin and Sickle discussed the tactics for capturing the Juggler, the Notable Anarchist began broadcasting to the Juggler again. Sickle eventually noticed and smashed the Comlink.

They headed out to the agreed meeting place and waited. Eventually they realised that they were going to get no joy, abandoned their notable anarchist and most of them left. The rest stayed in hiding to see who would come and collect him.

A single gunshot ended his life. The runners scoured for the shooter, but (s)he was lost in the mass of residences.

Six headed down to see Clive. And eventually after fabricating and elaborating on his sob story, Clive revealed that his family would be fine as long as they stay away from a new sports drink.

The sports drink was targeted at metahumans, in a massive Ad campaign, and was also manufactured by Aztechnology, the runners were pretty confident that they had found the link to the deaths and went round to the house of one of the deceased. Sure enough there were cans of the stuff. The runners took their evidence and called Mr. Johnson.

The runners handed over their evidence. And told Mr. Johnson what they thought was happening. Eventually Mr. Johnson took the can of sports drink away to be tested. The runners were confident that they had found the source of the problem. And although they hadn’t stopped it, they weren’t going to take on Aztechnology so the Mr. Johnson who they suspected of working for the government could get his department to shut down the drinks production.
June 19th 2070. The results are due for the drink at 14:00

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