Friday, July 28, 2006

The drinks are poisoned!

Six, Drifter, Ash, Glyph, Ki-Rin.

19th June 2070

Since the incident with Perfect Shooter, Drifter had headed out of town, he had some other business, but he was back in San Francisco now, and his funds were running low. He called up Snow who told him the rest of the team were mid job, so Drifter called Six. Six brought Drifter up to speed with the run they may or may not have finished, and Drifter offered his services for what they were worth.

The waited at a cafĂ© for the Johnson to call them back with the lab results for the drink, and at 2pm, as promised he called them with the results. A man made compound had been added to the drink, Chloro-Manganeze 5/1, not HMHVV as everyone had expected, The Johnson told the runners that he didn’t suspect that the corporation would be adding this chemical to their own drink so told them to get on and find out who was, and then to stop them.

Ki-Rin had served in the military and had heard of Chloro-Manganeze 5/1. it was an airborne agent used as a crowd suppressor, it was very effective but when it came into contact with water it became a lethal toxin. It was banned internationally in 2021.

Drifter looked over the evidence and fingered Dr. Manton Ford as the prime suspect. The rest of the team though that was a leap to far and opted to investigate the only shop selling the drink. They found nothing suspicious but they did warn the manager to take the drinks off the shelves.

Ki-Rin had an investigation on the matrix and found that the distribution depot for this drink is fully automated and looking closely at the code for the security system seems to have been tampered. After a discussion the team decide to head out to have a look for themselves.

Not far from the depot the runners spotted a burned out vehicle and when they find the vin plate still in tact Ki-Rin runs it thought the matrix to find that the vehicle was registered to Manton Ford. It had been reported stolen but the coincidence was a bit suspect.

Heading into the building Ki-Rin disabled security drones and Drifter found 2 empty metal canisters. He took them as evidence. Another drone in the building was not disabled and was not in Ki-Rin’s control, and this drone began shooting up Drifter, two more drones outside began attacking Ki-Rin and Six.

The rigger controlling these drones was out of sight and as the fight turned in the runners favour he took off. The Red Ranger he was piloting was far faster than the runners 4x4’s and he outdistanced them and was out of sight. The runners however began to track his position via satellite, and once he had stopped they closed in.

The rigger had stopped at a truck stop, but it was nowhere to be seen. Looking back over video footage the runners saw that it had driven into the back of a truck and had then left. They did however seen that Book, one of the Notable Anarchists, was in the truck, and it was at this point that the runners began to realises that the NA’s were an incredibly well funded organisation.

The clues were running out, but Dr. Manton Ford was defiantly worth questioning. Even though it was nearly midnight the runners decided it would be time to call round.

Once the runners arrived in the AAA secured residential area, the found that Dr. Ford was having a bit of a party with some of his Human Party friends. There were industry leaders and minor politicians, all rich men with some influence.

Ash tried to gate crash but all he managed to get was an appointment to see Dr. Ford tomorrow. Six launched his flyspy drone to go and see what was going on and was stunned to see Book and another unnamed notable anarchist enjoying the party. Dr. Ford was engaged in conversation with them and Six picked up that they wanted to arrange a meet with the Juggler for early next week.

20 June 2070 05:00

When the party broke up Six tailed the two Notable Anarchists, to the SF Ritz no less. The runners were stunned with how much money was flying around these anarchists. They put a call through to Mr. Johnson and told them everything that had been seen. Mr. Johnson said that he would have to speak to his superiors and get back to them on the course of action.


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