Thursday, September 21, 2006

The bounty hunt at Province

Friday 23 June 2070

Six, Ash, Glyph, Ki-Rin

After splitting up for the night, Six, Ash and Creed woke late, Creed had received a call from one of his contacts who needed a favour and he left, but Six and Ash were still keen to work on the other Lone Star bounties.

Deciding they would need some back up they called in Glyph and Ki-Rin and the four of them discussed how they would collect the bounties. Finally deciding to check out the Paper Dragon restaurant first and then to move onto the strip club called Province.

Booking a table for lunch at the Paper Dragon the runners mulled over their options, in a back room Six spotted Fu Hong, one of the two bounties that they were after. He was having a loud and animated conversation in Chinese on his phone but they couldn’t make out what was said. The runners sat and discussed whether to make a move on Fu Hong here and now but as they talked he came out of the back room and headed for the back door. The runners spent a few minutes deciding their plan of action as to how to take him down and by the time they had gone round the back he had already left in one of the red delivery vans.

Guessing that he would come back, and that the club, Province, wouldn’t open until much later the runners set about a stake out of the Paper Dragon. They observed the comings and goings for a few hours before noticing a black sedan arrive out the front, collect 5 heavies and leave. The runners had an inkling that something might be up.

Little else happened at the restaurant, and as the doors were closing, they headed off to check out the strip club. Security was heavy. More so than the last time they were here a day or so ago. The club was still open to patrons though. The back alley of the building had been blocked off by a couple of large pickups, and goons were on high alert to anyone attempting to access from the rear.
Six headed in, as a punter, and spent a time checking the place out. He didn’t even try to get up to the balcony level of the club, but could see from the ground that there were almost 30 people in a meeting where Zhang Jie held court.

As the runners checked in all of the intel that they had gathered, they realised that something big was going on, and tonight was not the best night to be staging a hit on the fat Chinaman, Zhang Jie. Rather than pulling out completely, they sat tight and watched. And after about an hour the meeting seemed to break up and interesting characters left with their own entourage of goons. Ki-Rin gathered images of the people and ran various matrix searches on them. Of the ones Ki-Rin found records of, they seemed to be wanted by various law enforcement agencies across the UCAS states.

By about 03:30 in the morning a lot of the hubbub seemed to have passed, and the runners took the opportunity to strike. Glyph nearly blew her arms off with a home made door lock breaker, Ash and Six tag teamed the front doors with a tow line and pickup truck, and Ki-Rin swung in from above through a skylight.
Too many flash bangs were deployed, and most of the opposition were out for the count, the rest took a few moments to take down with small arms fire.

The runners gathered up Jhang Jie, his girth proving to be a bit of a problem, again solved with the winch and Ash’s pickup. And then they took their catch to the cop shop to claim their bounty. Ash filled in the paperwork again and the runners got their bounty paid.

The runners headed home for some well-earned sleep and down time.

Ki-Rin wrote some fake ID’s for the team to use in an emergency. Ash headed out to his plot of desert to dream of what it could become. Glyph continued to work on her latest weapon and Six won another street race. For pinks this time round.


Ki-Rin said...

Wan Fat Moob... Still makes me chuckle...

Anonymous said...

Wasn't his brother Tu Fat Goon?

Ki Rin said...

I se you have been bored by the way, Shadow talk eh???

Thorn said...

I may have spent a little bit of time sprucing up the blog. Try to give it more of a shadowrunny feel, as it were.

Ki-Rin said...

Yes, quite...

I think i preferred it before. There are also some quirky little things, like the annoying letters have dissappeared for when i make these posts.

Thorn said...

Ah, well, the way it was when I first started can't come back as I switched my login to this supposed better version of blogger.

I ditched the verification letters as they annoyed me and no one will spam this blog, its not that popular.

What is it that you don't like, or would like me to improve? I will modify it to suit as best I can.