Thursday, September 28, 2006

The CORe project

Saturday 1st July 2070

Six, Ash, Glyph.

Cross Applied Technologies had begun the rapid collapse into financial ruin

Mr. Johnson contacted six. He worked for a ‘well funded organisation’ that wanted a team of runners to break into a research facility owned by a subsidiary of Cross Applied, called Fleche Armaments, and snatch a prototype device called CORe.

The CORe (Centred Ordinance Research) research was to test the viability of harnessing biometric energy and the organisation Mr. Johnson represented understood that a prototype had been made which did just that. The job for the runners was to find and recover the prototype and to destroy the hard copy records of the research so that Ares, who were clamouring to get at the data wouldn’t be able to. Mr. Johnson had made arrangements for a hacker to access the digital files and wipe these records separately.

Ash wasn’t keen on the price offered and was able to haggle the Johnson up an additional 15 grand for the team.

The runners took the job and Six dispatched his fly spy drone to have a look-see at the facility in question. Ash got in touch with Daisy and got her to work on tracking down some blueprints for the building but she turned up blanks. For whatever reason there were no files on the floorplan for Fleche Armaments San Fran Facility, she did discover that the security systems had all been turned off, probably because they were manned by Cross, but Knight Errant had been put in place to guard the building until Ares were allowed to move in.
Six’s fly spy was sending back video footage of the building. 3 stories of faceless concrete, two doors in and not a window to be seen.
Seeing this Glyph had the idea that they could find a previous employee who may be able to fill in the blanks in their knowledge. She started in chat rooms and got surfing the net. Eventually tracking down a disgruntled employee who told them for a fee that the building had 6 lower levels.

The runners bought up equipment that they thought they needed and made plans to storm the building in the early hours of the following morning.
Glyph approached the Knight Errant patrol car that was parked outside, and when she found that there was no-one in it, called in Six and Ash to begin infiltrating the building. Glyph then attempted a booby trap for the squad car, with a grenade and gaffer tape. It didn’t work too well, and the car was blown to pieces before Glyph even made it into the building. It would be one of those nights.

The runners swiftly cleared the first floor without any problems, but as they began sneaking down the stairs they heard muffled gunshots, and as they approached the door for the first basement level they found Knight Errant having a blazing gun battle with someone. As the runners appeared, the semi-soldiers thought they were being flanked opened fire. Ash has a habit for being in the wrong place and was shot up.
The runners cleared the Knight Errant from the room and found a wounded girl. As Glyph went to offer her first aid, the girl sprang up from the floor and tired to bite her. The runners dropped her with Stick-Shock bullets and surmised that she was a vampire.
She had a silver circlet around her head with an indentation in the centre, which looked about the size for the CORe device, and the runners began to see the bigger picture.

The runners left the girl bound, and pressed on down to the next floor, only to find a couple of butchered Knight Errant guards. They pressed on to the next level and found the file store. Ash and Glyph began to search for the CORe files while Six guarded the door.

Two more of these ‘vampires’ charged at Six and he had to be quickly backed up by Ash before he got overwhelmed. They both got into melee combat and both were scratched and bitten, Ash more so, loosing a lot of blood from a throat wound.
Glyph found the files they were looking for as the vampires were taken down.

Moving down to the next level the runners found a testing lab and they found 30 or so of these CORe devices. They contacted the Mr. Johnson and informed him that there were more than one. Mr. J. wanted one and the rest were to be destroyed. Glyph planted explosive charges.

The runners had got what they had come for, but they wanted to do the job properly and carried down to the next level. They found 5 test beds where it appears these human/vampires had been kept sedated before breaking out when they didn’t receive their daily dose. The runners did a quick count and realised that they were missing two, when they saw another coming across the room. He had a CORe device in its holder and fired an arc of electricity toward the runners. They returned fire, filling the air with lead. And once they were sure the vampire was dropped they fixed him up with some compound 15 plastic explosive. The Man had an ID badge. Cross Applied Technologies Mr. Johnson.

The runners split and detonated the bombs. Ash didn’t feel to good, and as he used his medkit, it warned that it had detected an unusual pathogen.

They met up with the Johnson as soon as they could and handed over the prototype. The Johnson was very please with their nights work and paid in full before departing.

… The next day, Ash went round to see Mal, the St. Doc, to see what the medkit meant regarding the unknown pathogen...


Ki-Rin said...

Crikey, uber vamps!!! Missed a good one did I?

Sinister said...

Trev's got HMHVV doo dah, doo dah

Trev's got HMHVV doo dah, doo dah day dee

Sinister said...

That's sung H M H V V by the way - it seems the lack of a space between V and V makes VV look like W

Ki-Rin said...

Was wondering what HMHW was i gotta say.

So he's a vamp called Ash eh? Kinda ironic i think...