Monday, September 18, 2006

The rendering plant

Thursday 22nd June 2070 01:20am
Ash, Six, Creed.

Ash and Six watched as the red delivery van drove into rendering plant, the driver removed his human cargo, and then went inside. Glyph retreated back to the cars to keep an eye on them and offer a quick getaway option while the other two runners sussed out what to do next.

Running out of money fast, Creed had to take a job to pay his rent at the end of the month, the police bounties weren’t the highest paid work, and not generally considered by real Shadowrunners and bounty hunters, but times were hard and Creed took a job to track down and bring in a Triad lieutenant called Ruan Shu. Paying informants, and doing the legwork brought Creed to a park bench outside the Hong Rendering Plant. Staking out the plant, Creed saw nothing of note, until a red delivery van turned up. On the heels of the red van, two men, runners, also began to scope the building.
Not sure of their intent Creed decided to make a move on bringing in Ruan Shu, as he approached the fence Six and Ash approached, they confirmed that they were all after the same bounty, and retreated to discuss a coordinated plan.

They cut their way through the rear fence, and assaulted the back fire escape door, Daisy had the cameras out of action while they hit hard and fast. In though the fire door they met some opposition, triads armed with Uzi’s.
They fought their way through the factory taking out all the guards. Ash and Creed were shot up pretty bad, Six was fairing better.

They found two ISO containers and inside they made the grim discovery of half a dozen drugged people slowly dieing. Leaving these containers open the runners headed into the cold store. They found a large trapdoor which dropped into a basement level. Creed opened up this trap door, and Six headed over to a ladder down to the basement level. The triad guards below the trapdoor opened fire almost as soon as they saw the runners and another gun battle ensued.

Six was covering the top of the ladder and was shocked to see Han Tze, the lone star officer the runners were trying to find, and were convinced was dead. Six took him captive while the others eliminated the guards and took down their bounty, Ruan Shu, using Stick and Shock rounds.

Han Tze told Six that his cover might have been compromised so this is why his reports were not forthcoming, and he had been put in the charge of Ruan Shu to keep an eye on him. Six was not convinced so put a call through to Duncan Croner, the police chief, who then confirmed that he was happy for Han Tze to remain undercover, and that Six would get his record cleared as agreed.

The runners pulled out, taking their unconscious pay check to a Lone Star precinct. Six and Ash told Creed that they were after two more bounties, and wondered if he might be interested in joining them. They split for the night, heading to bed, set to take out the other bounties the next day.

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