Thursday, March 16, 2006

More NPC's

A brief write up on the np-characters who are making the life of the runners intresting.

Snow brought the runners together and has a hand in their dealings. He moved from an active runner role in Seattle to a more fixer-orientated role in San Francisco, a task that the charismatic albino man excels at. He is an enigmatic man, telling the runners nothing of his past; careful with everything he says and does he is a difficult man to pin down.

Jesus Raul.
Jesus is a Hispanic gangster who has managed to get embroiled with the Shadowrunners activities. They busted him once when they found him knocking off a jewellery store, which annoyed him but he was going to let the loss of face go as they could have killed him and didn’t. When a week later they implicated him in a raid on a shopping mall by hiring a van under his name, an act which resulted in him spending time in the slammer, he has decided to get even.

Phil and Freddie are a couple of surfers who were recruited by Ash to carry out a robbery on a shopping mal. Phil and Freddie have destroyed too many brain cells with excessive pot smoking and peroxide hair colouring, and as a result they got themselves arrested and are set to spend the next two years of their life in a prison.

Martin Practice is a once brilliant surgeon who was struck off the medical register after a series of fatal mistakes on the operating table. He took his questionable skills to the streets where there is always a need for doctors who don’t ask questions and he has proven to be a capable doctor. Affectionately called Mal by his friends and patients, he is a likeable man who runs his street surgery from the back of 3rd Street Boxing Gym.

The Juggler.
The Juggler is an elf who heads a guerrilla group called The Notable Anarchists. He claims to be against the unjust burden placed upon the world by the corporate superpowers. Despite these claims some of the actions of The Notable Anarchists have brought into question his real motives.

Officer Tony Velez.
Tony Velez is a traffic cop for Lone Star who drives one of the new SAAB Dante unmarked pursuit cars. He has recently moved from the Richmond district of California to San Francisco after complaints were made regarding his style of policing in Richmond. He has seen some case files (Six, Ash and Ono) wiped clean by Lone Star Captain Duncan Croner for no apparent reason. And because of this he has decided to pay special attention to those individuals to see what they have over Croner.


Sinister said...

Neat, but I feel like I'm cheating when I get these little insights...

Thorn said...

Yeh, I know what you mean. But I am trying to run a paperless game (which is working so far I think) and I want to have these NPC's here for me to refer back to. I havn't told you everything for them and I have tried to be as enigmatic as possable.

I havn't told you antything that I wouldn't want you to know though.

Pilgrim said...

Yeah, if you don't forget their little quirks in time. By paperless, do you mean you keep less notes than we do?

Thorn said...

I have a couple of sheets of paper which contain the notes to the run which are binned once I have transfered the game events onto the blog here. and that is about it.

And you know that I keep less notes than you lot do. Always have done, always will do. but this way I am reminded about plot hooks that I start, and don't have that embaressing moment when I am reminded about it by you lot.