Thursday, March 09, 2006

Run 2. The shopping centre hit.

Sunday 05/03/2070

Six, Ash, Ki-Rin, Ono.

Snow had a job passed his way from a Mr. Johnson who worked for Control Monitor Systems. The Californian based security firm had recently lost the contract for guarding a shopping mall to a rival company called Allied Defense Group.

Snow took the job confident that he knew a few people who would be up for the task, and in addition he had found a competent decker who he thought would prove invaluable on this run.

The premise was simple. 5 grand incentive for a team of shadowrunners to breech the mall security prove that ADG aren’t up to the task after that CMS can then re-tender for the work. The runners can keep anything that they deicide to half inch, and if CMS win the contract back, they will wire another 10 grand as thanks.

Snow had picked out 4 companies who would be good to target especially. The owners of these shops are influential people and having their property hit would reinforce the argument to reinstate CMS as the mall security firm.

The runners took the job and instantly headed out for a bit of legwork. First port of call, Stonestown shopping mall to have a look at what they would be up against. Splitting up they began taking a note of the store security. Security was tighter than they expected for a small shopping centre.

Ki-Rin, the decker, clipped a RFI transmitter to one of the security scanner pillars bold as brass dressed as an engineer. A clever blag had Ki-Rin being helped by one of the store security guards to breech store security.

Ash headed away from the mall toward the beach, he rustled up a couple of surfing mates who had a bit of history with street crime. He told them about the hit that they would be doing and these characters, Phil and Freddie Fingers (on account of having all of his fingers bitten off by a shark) joined the party.

Six and Ono took in guard numbers, security rotations, cameras etc. and by about 8:30pm they had a sort of plan. Ash and Ono recovered to a bar nearby, Six and Ki-Rin stayed on and watched the night time security.

By the time the team had gathered there was a smidge of a plan. Hit the mall at 01:00 tomorrow night. Smash into a couple of stores and rob the designer apparel, burn down the other shops. Bypass the security somehow…

Six also arranged for a few street racer mates to turn up, to run distraction and to help raid the shops once they were in. It would be noisy but with luck it would pay off.

Ki-Rin did a bit of legwork on the company who took over the shopping centre and discovered that Frost Financial Group not only owned Allied Defence Group but were propping up their failing finances with a side in the distribution of illegal Trip Chips. If they were distributing chips from this mall, it would explain the excessive security.

The information changed nothing and it was disregarded.

The following night the runners were met by Phil and Freddie, and shortly after were joined by 14 street racers who wanted a bit of the action.

Ki-Rin and Ono headed underground and while Ki-Rin did battle with the security decker, Ono got fighty. Six and Ash (backed up by the surfer dudes and some of the street racers) smashed into the store and began taking on the store guards.

The alarm was sounded, but with a bit of clever coding Ki-Rin supressed it and transmitted the all clear to Lone Star. Unsure if the call had been made before he quashed the alarm they didn’t hang around for long.

They raided a few stores and burned the others and then fled into the city. Lone Star had managed to get a helicopter into the air but with many vehicles fleeing the scene they had a hard time keeping track. But with coordinated Lone Star resources they were able to keep tabs on a couple of vehicles.

A few arrests were made. Lone Star promise that more will follow.

The team split and slept the rest of the night. After calling Snow in the morning they were able to fence the knocked off watches and clothes, which made them a few more nuyen, and the deed was done.

Snow arranged for one of his contacts to buy up the stolen goods, he skimmed off a little of the profit but sent the rest to his new team. He got back home and watched the previous nights events on the trideo.

The job had been done. Not with the finesses that he had hoped. More hammer than surgical knife but …
He walked over to the phone standing on his desk and made a call.


Six said...

Yo Snow. You want finesse dog - all you gots to do is say! You didn't specify so we made the call: going in loud and proud was always gonna be quicker and faster...

Snow said...

Hey, Six. We don't know each other very well yet, and this is all a learning curve. How you played that job was up to you and now I know how you go about these things. If I get a job that wants it quiet I will be more explicit or find a different team.

Don't sweat. Mr. Johnson's more than happy.

Six said...

Then that's the main thing :o)

Sinister said...

These verifications are actually subliminal messages. The last one was bpcut (BP Cut) and was in BP green.

(Must buy fuel from Shell...)

Pilgrim said...

Blackhammer eh? What a program!! Lol

Thorn said...

The verifications are to kill spam. Better than me having to read and verify every comment.

Blackhammer? Hmmm will have to tax that program, maybe on a pay per use basis.

Pilgrim said...


Sinister said...

Thanks for the information about verifications Owain. Gee, you're such a stand up guy when it comes to this tech stuff. I wish I knew so much and could be as patronising as you. Now tell us, do we suck the pointy end of the egg first or the round egg?


Thorn said...

Wow, crikey, that's a barbed one.

Didn't mean to patronise.