Thursday, March 16, 2006

Run 3. The Notable Anarchists Pt. 1

Friday 10th March 2070

Six, Ki-Rin, Ono

Five days had passed since the sortie on the Shopping Mall. Lone Star have been keeping an eye on a couple of the runners who they think could have been involved but the arrest orders have been belayed for the time being. Ash decided to lie really low, took his boat and went fishing.

Snow had headed off to Seattle but received a call from a Mr. Johnson who wanted to put a team together. Unable to do the meet, Snow passed the job direct to the team who were happy to have a talk with the suit.

The Johnson was from Cross Applied Technologies and he wanted to employ the runners to find the man leading a series of guerrilla attacks on CAT properties and bring him to the corporation for questioning.

The terrorist group proclaimed to be called The Notable Anarchists and apart from a still photo taken from a security video, nothing was really known about the leader of this group. The runners started the legwork as soon as the Johnson left. Ki-Rin let his computer programs do the searching, while Six tapped his contacts.

In a short space of time, Ki-Rin had found that this group had been active for about 18 months, and were deemed to be “low risk”. All records of the leader had been purged from the matrix, but a file photo of a young man who looked like their elven guerrilla leader, who was involved in a riot 15 years ago put a name, The Juggler, to his face. Ono got hold of some security footage of one of the raids and analysed the technique and guessed that these raids were well co-ordinated and could be the work of runners.

The team surmised that there was more to this man and his activities than first seemed but they couldn’t place his motives. Was he a disgruntled ex-employee? Was he a shadowrunner himself who was working for a rival corp? Was he some kind of fixer, lining up these hits on Cross Applied Technologies?

Six went out to check out some neo-anarchist styled bars, and managed to convince the owner of Clives-Dive that he was a wannabe anarchist and arranged to come back to talk about starting some activist type activities. On his way back to tell the rest of the team about his success, a driver in a SAAB Dante goaded Six into a bit of a street race. Six took the bait and after Six had filled 5 minutes of the unmarked cop cars camera with illegal driving, the Dante flicked on his blues and twos. Six booted it, and the Dante lost the street racer…. For now.

The team were at a loss, and contacted Snow to see what he could deduce of the evidence they had gathered so far. Snow quickly read through the info that they sent him and noticed that a couple of the Notable Anarchists had been killed in a raid against another company, he made a few calls following up that lead.

He came back with the name of a St. Doc. Called Mal, who was at the scene of this attack and had tended to the mortally wounded before Lone Star arrived. The runners headed straight round to 3rd Street Gym, where Mal ran his clinic.

Mal claimed to know of the Juggler, and offered to help but at a price. He wanted an expensive bit of medical kit for his street surgery. And would tell the runners what they needed to know if they got it for him. This NTF Neuro Toxin blood Filter machine cost a cool two mil, and although surprised when Ki-Rin demanded a kick back for getting the machine, he was prepared to empty the street clinics coffers of 10k to get this machine from the runner.

The runners headed off to a new Docwagon facility to see what all the fuss was about these machines. Docwagon have a very tight security system, and although Six tried every which way (including submitting his CV and real ID to Docwagon to get a job) he couldn’t get close to one of these machines.

The runners withdrew to consider their options and decided that a less well-funded private clinic could be the answer, and Ki-Rin searched the matrix for some locations. Medicare US has two of these machines at their San Francisco hospital, and although the private clinic was still in an AAA zone, they fancied that the well-funded Docwagon HQ was to be a more difficult nut to crack.

With that they headed off…

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