Monday, March 06, 2006

Six's Blog Run 1

by N.Barnes

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2 - Weds 01 March, 2070

Man I am buzzing! It finally happened, yesterday morning. An albinofellah called Snow who seems to be some kind of deal-maker approached me and asked me to swing by Diamond Heights for a lunch meeting. Heintroduced me to a couple of other wannabe Runners - there's a sound guy called Ash with similar roots to me and some tall, dark and scary Troll dude called Ono - and offered us 1,000 nuyen a pop for a little job.

The gig was surprisingly legit. Some police dude - Capt. Duncan Croner - had his pad cased and robbed. Guy was insured to the eyeballs but thecrew yanked his safe out of the wall and took the whole thing. We had to retrieve the sentimental shit from the cop's safe - a photo album full of memories and a presentation set of gold revolvers. I really like the way this guy Snow works. He's basically pulling a double blind. By getting the dude's stuff back, he earns himself a favour or two from the heat but he's also sending a message to the San Fran criminal community that he's a guy who can get stuff done. Sweet.

Anyways, the three of us swing into research mode. I slipped into itpretty easily - it's common sense stuff. Where did they case the jointfrom, did they leave any clues, did they get caught on security camera's etc. I can work with these other Runners too - we quickly slipped into working as a team and doing it well. Ono, well he's a Jap Troll and big into all that Samurai honour shit. The guy is a close combat machine! Ash, well I gave him a ribbing. He knows people and reckons he is Mr Contacts but he's got a bit of a quick temper and needs to chill out 'cause he puts people off. Needs to learn the value of papering palms with a little green too, y'know?

Pretty quickly we found out that a couple of Hispanics had done the deed and used a van from SF Truck Rental. We swing down and Mr Contacts makes a play for the info. Turns out he's got a criminal record and the Van Man clams up. Out come the Credsticks and Van Man coughs up that Tiki Gomez rented the truck. My girl Kitty knows Gomez so we swing by her place. Ono and Ash make with the threats and find out Tiki's man Jesus is the robber. I pick up street scuttlebutt that he's doing over a Jewellers in the Financial District.

We interrupt the heist in progress. Ono takes the front of the shop while Ash and I head in at the rear. Jesus is making flash with the Gold Six-shooters and we take him down but Ono cops the flak from goons with automatics. We pull his fat out of the fire. The Autodoc drone was money well spent - reckon I'm able to save his life, which makes me feel good inside. I'm contributing. I'm valuable to this team. It's good for Rep which is what I need. The heat are en route so we drag Ono's ass to Jesus' van, grab Jesus and the guns and we light out, fast.Rest is history dog. We get some Z's, get Ono some Meds and Jesus takesus to his lock up where we find the photographs discarded on the garagefloor. Job done. We head back to Snow's, pick up the green and catch a couple of hours of console chaos - his system is phat!

I reckon me and these other guys can be tight and they clearly have connections who can pick up some more work. I've offered to pimp Ono's ride too, figure if I scratch his back, he'll scratch mine. Can't wait for the next call.

Mood: High and hyper


Knightwolf said...

Well i had some bad luck but i hope that i was of some use to the group. You guys are nice to know and it is good that we can work as a team without needing to always be better than the next.

See you soon i hope

Six said...

Of course you were of use Dog... You drew all their fire!

I'm just shitting you, chill. Hey, don't forget to keep your eye out for some sweet graphics - then hit me up. Little stock ride like yours shouldn't take more than an afternoon to pimp and I'll do you a deal on the prize.