Thursday, March 09, 2006

Six's Blog. Run 2

By N.Barnes

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Entry 3: 07.03.70

This dog Snow never seems to stop! Had another call from him the day before yesterday. A Sunday! Is nothing sacred anymore? Lol, like I had anything better to do. I cruised right on over and hooked up with my man Ash and Ono but Snow felt we needed some tech support and introduced us to a Decker guy called Ki-rinn as well. I’m not sure what to make of him. I tried to be nice but the dude was a little frosty…

Anyway, Snow offers us five large to do some dirty work for a Johnson. Seems the Stonetown Mall recently switched security contract from Control Monitor Systems to Allied Defence Group and CMS are none too chipper about it. So the dirty work is a simple hit – blaze in, wreck the joint, lift some gear and light out but the aim is to embarrass ADG, make a mockery of their security and give CMS an opportunity to go back hard and try to reclaim the contract. We could be looking at another 10k as a bonus if the contract goes home!

So we cruise to the Mall and this is where I start to thinking the new guy might be a little frosty. He doesn’t give us any lead on the sort of thing we should look for security-wise. I mean – he’s tech support so he’s supposed to hack the Mall systems. I figure he’ll take control, let us know what he needs but no, he just breezes on in without so much as a Heads-up!

It’s clear none of the rest of us really know what to do so we just visit Splitsville and go our separate ways.

Snow told us to target four shops who were vocal against switching security contracts. He figures if they take a hit then they’ll push hardest to switch back to CMS. I concentrate on scoping out the location of American Eagle Outfitters, 9West, Watch Station and Sushi Boat, then settle down to try and scope a pattern on the security. Fuck knows what the other lads do but they’re pro’s so I trust ‘em not to slack off.

That night we pooled our ideas. Mall security was tight – too tight – we’re talking about 140 cameras, pressure pads, laser trip lines and a shift of ten guards working two-man half-hourly patrols. Frosty tells us there’s a Decker running systems from within too. He smells a rat and does some digging. Seems ADG are linked to a group called Frost Financial who are shoring up their share price with illegal TripChip sales!

Now that’s some juicy scuttlebutt but we decide it’s not so relevant to the here and now. Frosty wants to pull a dummy run on the Sec-Decker so I try to break down a few barriers by offering him the comfort of my passenger seat.

The other lads blaze and we work a stakeout. It’s not like I chat much to Ki-rinn but maybe I pick up it’s not that he’s frosty, just reserved?
Anyhoo, we decide to go for maximum disruption to really show the ADG systems up. Mr Contacts and I lay down a little side bet – whoever gets the most muscle in on the gig makes a cool 20 bucks. I get Kitty to put out the word about a race meet at the Mall, with a side order of B and E. For his part, Ash gets us up at the crack of dawn to cruise down the strip and hook up with a couple of hash pipe toking, gnarly surf bums. He makes like the Prince of Thieves and tries getting me to pay up on these goons. I just tell him to bide his time.

We made the hit at 1am today. Ash and the Surf Patrol take a hired van and smash in through a side window of AE Outfitters. Ono and Frosty head downstairs to neutralize security. I’m pleased to see about a dozen street racers turn up and we create havoc, out on the car park and then smack through the entrance lobby to pull some tight J-turns on the Mall’s highly polished floor. Sweet.

Now ADG’s Rent-a-Cops don’t take too kindly to us interrupting their coffee and jam donut break. It gets hostile, fast, but while Ki-rinn hasn’t exactly been Mr Personality, he shows he’s got the skills to pay the bills. No alarms, no alerts, hell no sprinklers when we lay down a couple of Molotov cocktails into the Sushi Boat and 9West – plus he gets all the automatic doors open on demand and fast.

We take a section of store each. I fill a duffle bag with bling from the Watch Station and use the NSX weapon pod to smash the glass ceiling and generally keep the Rent-a-Cop’s heads down. I lay down a couple of the Molotov’s too and let my Racer homies help themselves. Ash and the Surf Patrol have a bit of a ruck but manage to pretty much strip AE Outiftters while Ki-Rinn and Ono make a bonus raid on Macy’s, lay the smack down on Security and try to bust Weapon’s World just for shits and giggles.

We’ve already clocked the heat’s response time is about 15 minutes so we’re in and out in ten and leave our target shops either stripped of stock or burning nicely and head home. All in all it goes down pretty sweet and this morning Snow helped us shift the hot merchandise for a tidy 24k. Hell we even made CNN so now we’re just waiting on a few contract negotiations to see whether or not we make the bonus!

I’m a little concerned though. I’ve gotta trust these dudes with my life and apart from Ash (who coughed up his 20 by the way!) I don’t really feel like they’re my boys yet. I figure I’ll hit them up Thursday night and see if we can head down the strip for a few beers, hang out and break down some barriers. I’ll drink to that!

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