Friday, March 31, 2006

Run 5. The Notable Anarchists. Pt. 3.

Sunday 12th March 2070

Six, Freedom, Ki-Rin, Drifter, Ash.


Six and Ki-Rin had lost Ono, Ki-Rin searched frantically on the Matrix, while Six mobilised his contacts into scouring the streets for a Ford Americar known to be driven by O’Bannon, one of the notable anarchists. The hunt for the Juggler continues...

Six spoke to Snow and Ash and explained the problem that they were having. Ash joined Six, and Snow found a couple of runners he knew who may be able to lend their skills.

Six and Ash first headed to Mal’s place, assuming that the notable anarchists would take their wounded friend (Clive) there. They were not wrong, but the Notables weren’t prepared to talk and a firefight ensued.

After the gunsmoke cleared Ash and Six removed the bodies, using the Anarchists own vehicle (these bodies were later dumped in a bin by Ash) and they found that Clive was on the op’s table out cold with Mal working away.

Ki-Rin received a phone call from the Juggler, (who had discovered from Ono and Mr. Johnson through the use of Sodium pentothal, that Ki-Rin was not a wannabe Notable Anarchist but a runner after him) inviting him to question one of his captive.

Ki-Rin, unaware of the trap headed off, calling Six and Ash and letting them know that he is en-route. Six and Ash called in the extra support that Snow had suggested and all of them met not far from Hunters Point Naval Base where Ki-Rin was due to meet.

The naval base has gone through some changes and an old entrance, long since abandoned and blocked in, still has some checkpoint type pillboxes. One of these the Notable Anarchists had broken into, and had questioned Ono and Mr. Johnson. They then rigged the place with explosives, and tricked Ki-Rin into going along.

Ki-Rin spotted the explosives in the underground rooms carefully stepping over the laser trip wire and didn’t set the devices off, but assuming that his cover hadn’t been blown he decided to play along and waited for the Juggler to show up. Time ticked on and Ki-Rin shot at Freedom when he came down to help keeping up the pretence that he was a Notable Anarchist.

Eventually Mr. Johnson came round and apologised for telling the Juggler everything and blowing Ki-Rin's cover. Ki-Rin and Freedom set about disarming the bombs, successfully taking apart the bombs attached to Ono and Mr. J.
Happy that they were free Ki-Rin moved the laser trip wire out of the way. Which set off the remaining explosives in the corridor designed to bury the runners forever.

The remaining runners realised what had happened, and set about freeing their colleagues. Six set off to a construction site 5 miles down the road to liberate a JCB the other s started man hauling the blocks of collapsed concrete out of the way.

40 minutes later, Six reappeared with a digger and completed 40 minutes of hand rawling with two scoops. Ono was laid up in the digger bucket and they all fled the scene in a convoy lead by Six in the digger, with Ono the Troll recumbent in the front bucket, and the rest in a Stolen pickup with three deceased Notable Anarchists in the back, and Six’s autopilotted NSX2070.

Ono was dumped in Six’s garage with a note pinned to him explaining what happened. The rest returned to Mal’s place to question Clive.
Freedom went in to try and blag Mal by telling him that he was there to collect Clive, mistaking the 3rd St. Gym owner as Clive, Mal realised that he was being fed a line and sent Freedom out. Freedom returned a moment later armed with a pistol and stun rounds, he knocked out Mal and the gym owner, and casually walked out with Clive on a hospital gurney.

Clive was taken back to Ash’s place and brought round to have a chat with. Clive talked and answered all of their questions; he was then knocked out again and delivered to a nearby hospital to continue his treatment.

The runners knew that O’Bannon had an expensive apartment over on Sunset and they headed over there to stake out the place. Ki-Rin set up an alarm system that would alert them when O’Bannon accessed his room. The team then returned to Ash’s apartment to wait.

4 hours later, O’Bannon returned and the team headed off as quickly as they could, they headed into the building with the decker, Ki-Rin bypassing the security systems and they arrived on the floor. Men were leaving O’Bannon’s room with Samsonite cases; the runners took them out quickly. They realised that they were heading to the helipads on the roof and made a dash to stop them lifting off, Ki-Rin tried to disable a helicopter by crashing the pilots PAN but was unable, by the time the runners got to the roof the helicopters were up and away with most of the Notable Anarchists, O’Bannon and the Juggler.

Before the runners could plan their next move, Mr. Johnson phoned. Cross Applied Technologies pulled the run, they no longer needed the information that the Juggler would supply and left the runners out to dry. Mr. Johnson who had been saved by the runners from almost certain death by explosion offered to pay the runners the money owed, but they declined.

Cross Applied Technologies treat runners the same as any other corporation, disposable assets. They aren’t aware of the seeds of hate they have sown in this team and ripping them off may well come back to haunt the company.


Sinister said...

Top hole. Six Blog to follow. Probably Monday.

Ki-Rin said...

Most other corps also know that you pay for assets, even disposable ones.

In the Shadows Contracts aren't written but Spoken, and they're signed in blood.

I'm not a vengeful man, but I do expect that which is owed to me. Cross Applied will pay, one way or another.

The patient man is slow to strike, but deadly nontheless, there will be opportunites...

Mr. Johnson said...

We pay for our assets when they complete the work required in a timely fashion.

You failed to provide us with the target information, so we aquired it by other means.

Would you expect to pay for the Soycafe you intended to buy from Starbucks, after you bought it from Coco becuase Starbucks was closed?

Didn't fragging think so!

Ki-Rin said...

We were only on the second day and were about to secure the primary.

No time limit was imposed on the team at any point, or the urgency required. However if we had known, we may not have wasted time rescueing your executive.

To copy your metaphor, your Starbucks coffee was being prepared and you went and urinated on the waitress. Now its her turn.

Mr. Johnson said...

You liken yourself to a waitress?

Well we won't worry if she decides to piss in our coffee as we don't intend to drink it.