Friday, March 24, 2006

Run 4. The Notable Anarchists Pt. 2

Six, Ki-Rin, Ono.

The runners were tasked with finding and bringing to Cross Applied Technologies a man who has been masterminding a guerrilla war waged on the corporation’s assets. One man who knew how to get in touch with this Juggler was a St. Doc. Called Mal. He would part with the information if the runners got hold of a bit of medical equipment called an NeruoToxin blood filter. NTF. The runners had found one of these expensive bits of equipment at a Docwagon facility but were thwarted by the security measures put in place…

Friday 10th March 2070

The runners pull back from the hit on the Docwagon place due to insurmountable security and Ki-Rin hooks up to the net and finds that a Medicare US hospital has two of these machines. Medicare doesn’t have the resources to throw as security in the same way Docwagon do, so they head on over to the medical centre to see what they can find.

A few hours of mooching around the hospital turns up one of these machines hooked up to a patient, the other in an operating theatre. Ki-Rin gets the idea to instruct the hospital via the Matrix that the machine is due for transfer and gets hacking to make it happen.

Six heads off to acquire a ford Americar estate from Hertz-San-Fran. Legally hiring the car, he then preps some fake plates and ditches the RFID tag. The team of runner’s head back to the hospital to “collect” the NTF machine, Ono ran distraction while Ki-Rin and Six took the unit with barely a sniff from security.

Taking the unit back to the St. Doc, they get paid the agreed amount and Mal tells them about the time he tried to save three Notable Anarchists after they got shot up on a job-gone-sour. The Juggler told him to go to Clive’s Dive and gave Mal a code phrase to use if the St. Doc. Wanted to get in touch with him. This phrase Mal passed to the runners.

Saturday 11th March 2070

The runners went to Clives dive, Six had already made contact with the bald headed owner, Clive, so didn’t want to use the code. Ki-Rin opted to lead this part of the investigation, with Ono in situ as heavy back up.

What is the best way to get people to accept change? Ki-Rin posed the question, and Clive replied it’s not to give them a choice! Clive, a signed up member of the Notable Anarchists went to inform the cell who were operating from his bar that someone had used the code and eventually sent Ki-Rin to meet the men gathered upstairs.

O’Bannon, the leader of this little cell introduced his gang. King, a black human, Shortstock the dwarf, Builder another human and Book the bespectacled man with his head in a book.

They were planning a hit on Cross applied technologies and Ki-Rin was given the option to get involved. Ki-Rin suggested that he could blow up a substation as a distraction this would surely draw the heat away from the real hit. They shook hands and agreed a time.

Ki-Rin made his way to the substation, with a contact called Flash who loved his explosions, unaware that O’Bannon had tipped off Lone Star about the attack on the substation to draw the cops away from their real target 15 miles away. Ki-Rin did manage to blow the sub-station, but had to make a flighty getaway.

A couple of hours later, the runners got together and Ki-Rin phoned O’Bannon to find out what happened. O’Bannon invited him back to the club where they could talk some more. The Notable Anarchist cell leader revealed to Ki-Rin that he had not told him the truth about their intended target, and that he had phoned Lone Star himself so that they would be successful. O’Bannon revealed to Ki-Rin the hostage that had been taken by the rest of the cell, a Cross Applied Technologies Employee, The runners contact and paymaster for the job to bring in The Juggler, Mr. Johnson.

O’Bannon decided to take Ki-Rin to meet the Juggler and after meeting and liking the young decker he gave him a phone on which he would call when he wanted Ki-Rin’s input.

Meanwhile Ono took it upon himself to rescue the Mr. Johnson. Kicking the door down, the big troll was met by Clive, who was not about to have his Dive trashed by this runner. They fought and the ruckus downstairs brought the rest of the notable Anarchists down to the aid of their man, the enigmatic Book took the Troll down with a spell and he slipped into a deep sleep.

Ki-Rin had met the target, The Juggler, and was now waiting for the call.

The Notable Anarchists captured the runners contact, Mr. Johnson, and Ono joined him when superior numbers thwarted his rescue attempt.

Six was unable to help either Ono or Ki-Rin and felt guilty for letting his team down. He made some hurried phone calls and roused everyone he knows to start scanning the streets for the Americar that O’Bannon drives.

To be continued…

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